Friday, February 18, 2011

Off-topic Friday: Huge-ass bat.

Serious post later. In the meantime, here's a huge-ass bat:


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  1. Whiskey.



  2. Ok, that looks like a dog with wings. I think I will need one. I shall train him to play fetch with rockets.

  3. Fake and Gay

    No...but that can't be real, sorry. Can't be.

  4. Booboonation,

    (greetings, I'm also Valkyrie607 BTW)

    yes, it is real. The large flying fox (Pteropus vampyrus)is the world's largest bat species, with a wingspan of up to 1.5 meters! They are indigenous to Malaysia and southeast Asia. However, their large size makes them a target for hunters, and because of this they are threatened with extinction.

    Despite the "vampyrus" in the name, these are fruit bats - they feed off nectar, not blood.

  5. I learned in evolutionary ecology that in bats, the larger the testes, the smaller the brain. They call it the "Expensive Testicle Hypothesis".

    I wonder if it applies to other species...

  6. @booboo, please do not use 'gay' as an insult.

  7. What DarkSideCat said.

    Also, I think the perspective in the shot makes it look bigger than it really is, but that is one actual real huge-ass bat.

    I think it's eating bananas.

    Also, just so I do not slight the achievements of men, I should point out that there is also a man in the picture, though he does not appear disproportionally large, by man standards.

  8. That's man bat. He's an enemy of batman. Really.

    Random Brother

  9. Absolutely everything about that bat is cute, from the dogface stuffed with bananas to the upside down wiener. Lookit the lil' upside down wiener! Lookitit!

  10. No one ever reported on their brilliant discounted chocolate finds from America's Beloved Holiday: National Discounted Chocolate Day.

    I got a lovely huge box of Ghiradelli or whatever that name is's chocolates for $10. Awesome!

  11. I didn't get to the store until a couple of days after V-Day, so the pickings were pretty slim. I did get a Whitman's sampler in a heart-shaped box for 50% off.

  12. Starting today, I've moved on to Easter candy. I've waiting all year for Cadbury mini eggs! I iz complete now!

    As for Mr. flying fox, I will love him and hug him and call him George. If I don't have a giant bat in my Easter basket this year, I may cry.

  13. Cadbury creme eggs! Need!

    I love bats. My parents' home had lots of them and I would wake up to find them flying around my room. I would either coax them into a box (to release outside) or open a window to let them out. But they were tiny little bug-eating things. The ugly kind. I always thought fruit bats were much cuter.


    I wouldn't want a few of those flying around my room.

  14. Funniest jury trial I ever read about that had every attorney and judge I know trying to figure out what the heck they meant by "authenticating" Peeps was the Peep Eviction Trial.

    Stephen Colbert took up this woman's cause and during the trial the defense brought out a box of Peeps that they authenticated...but how?!


  15. I love bats, but I refuse to be distracted from my dream of owning a white Sumatran cloud rat that will love only me.

    David, you failed to mention that the bat itself is male, and is eating bananas in a particularly manly and masculine and superior way. I assume a female bat tried to leech the bananas off him with her disgusting and diseased yet strangely alluring sexuality, but he is no batgina and boycotts fat, spoiled modern female Malaysian flying foxes who all think they're perfect princesses. One of these days he'll go through with his plan to buy a mail-order tube-nosed fruit bat from a country where bats still know their place, see if he doesn't. Meanwhile, he can enjoy his hard-earned bananas with his human male friends while thinking about how much girls smell.

    The fact that you didn't point this out proves that you hate men.

  16. dark side cat.

    That was part of the joke, I didn't say "no just kidding" loud enough.

    Stop being gay please. thanks.

  17. Still not cool, booboonation, the gay thing. Kidding or not.


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