Monday, February 28, 2011

Shovel ready

The Ideal Woman, apparently.
Freud asked: "What do women want?"  Mel Gibson answered the question in that movie in which he could read their lady minds. I never saw it, but I'm guessing based on Gibson's behavior since making the film that women want lots of drunken anti-Semitic tirades and verbal abuse.

Anyway, over at A Voice For Men, MRA elder Paul Elam doesn't really give a shit about what women want. But he knows what they deserve, and what they don't deserve. Which turns out to be shovels and love, respectively. As he explains in a recent comment:

We don’t need to teach young girls to marry for love; we need to put shovels in their hands and put them to work in ditches, digging their way to self sufficiency. We need to leave them to their own survival devices so that they can learn some humility ...

But what we most need to teach young girls is that until there are social pressures established that place firm boundaries and limits on their hypergamous instincts, that they cannot be trusted with love, as women in this culture have been proving for 50 years ... .

Keep shoveling, Paul.


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Ruthless Lady-People: Short-haired, smelly, muffin-eating lady-people

Women not only eat muffins -- they decapitate them!
Over on an angry-man site that would be called The Pearhead if you removed an "S" from its name, a fellow named Alcuin has a few complaints about the ladies. Let's listen in, shall we?

Western women are ruthless. They will destroy a family with a lifestyle divorce, and ruin her husband without thinking of their lives. ...

Ah yes, the old lifestyle divorce. There's little that Western women enjoy more than a nice divorce. Well, aside from accusing men of rape, and playing slutty dressup, and going to work:

They will accuse a man of rape when he did no such thing so they can get revenge for hurt feelings or to cover their own infidelity. They will dress like whores, then accuse men of being perverts and of sexual harassment. They will take all the cushy jobs and complain when men refuse to take the shit jobs, but act like “boys” instead.

But Alucin is just getting started. It gets worse:

They will cut their hair short, get fat, avoid shaving (their legs? their face?), smell, and then complain that men go for Asian women or none. They will take advantage of manginas for years, and give nothing in return for such dog-like loyalty. They will take jobs away from men, and become lazy, useless muffin-eaters.

That's right. You heard him. Women will actually CUT THEIR HAIR SHORT just to torment the men of the world with its shortness! Yet they will REFUSE to shave the hair off their legs! Which are FAT and STINKY! Also MUFFINS! They EAT MUFFINS! I'm not sure if this is supposed to be some sort of lesbian innuendo, or whether Alucin is referring to actual literal ingestion of delicious blueberry muffins, but I don't care. Either way, MEN ARE CLEARLY BEING OPPRESSED!

Why does writing this blog always make me so hungry? First, it gives me a craving for cupcakes, and now for muffins, the cupcakes' more demure cousin, the Cathy to its Patty. .


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Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Sperm for Feminists!

Don't let her have it! She reads Pandagon!
Hey, fellas, you know that stuff that comes out of your penis when you masturbate? Whatever you do, don't give it to a feminist! No matter how nicely she asks! Especially -- I repeat, ESPECIALLY -- if she wants to put it in her vagina. It is the KEY TO EVERYTHING!!! Rebel, commenting on angry-dude mecca The Spearhead, explains:

If feminists do not breed, they will disappear. ...

We have complete control over female reproduction, CONTRARILY to what most think. We hold the spark of life in our hands (polite form..)

Simple: NO DNA TRANSFER is it.

That’s why I said: don’t give your seeds.
Without them, women become TOTALLY powerless.
If we set our minds to it, collectively, two generations at most and the problem is gone.
I say:”Breed the suckers out”. Period. Don’t have sex with feminists.
Don’t have sex with those who hate you.
Breed the feminists OUT!!

Our grandchildren will then have a working society back.

I actually think this plan will be remarkably easy to implement. I don't really think many feminists are lining up to collect sperm from Spearheaders.


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Humorless dudes: Women aren't funny!

What a hideous beast!
It's weird the lengths that the dudes of the manosphere will go to try to prove things that simply aren't true. Like the idea that women aren't funny. (Seriously, if you can't immediately reel off the names of ten women who are fucking hilarious, you just might be -- to paraphrase one famously hackneyed male comedian -- a misogynist. If you get stuck, maybe this will help.)

The standard misogynist line on the alleged unfunniness of women is rooted, as are so many misogynist ideas, in sexual insecurity and resentment: Men are funny, the argument goes, because, unless they're George Clooney or Ghengis Khan, it's the only way to get women to have sex with them. Meanwhile, all that most women have to do to get men to have sex with them is to exist.

In an old post on Gucci Little Piggy which I just ran across today, our friend Chuck (who sometimes posts comments here), offers his version of this argument.

Humor and oppression are strongly correlated. Oppression leads to a sense of irony and keen insight about human nature and life in general. ...  And nobody is less at the bottom of the social heap than women.

Actually, maybe men are inherently more funny than women, because so far Chuck's explanation is hilarious. His proof for this: there aren't a ton of gorgeous white women comedians. Listing a a small batch of female comedians -- among them Ellen Degeneres, Joan Rivers, Wanda Sykes, and Chelsea Handler -- he remarks:

Take a look at the list of famous female comedians and notice that none fit the “prototypical” (average) woman. In other words, they aren’t white, beautiful, and straight. ... They weren’t handed a golden ticket, like many of their straight-and-narrow sisters. In the same way that Jerry Seinfeld, Milton Berle, and the Marx Brothers inherited a legacy of humor from their Jewish ancestors, lesbians, fat broads, and ethnic women have used the same tool: humor. ... female comedians are almost universally unattractive or lesbian or ethnic.

You may have noticed a few problems with this argument. Aside from the fact that there have been plenty of completely hilarious women who were also utterly gorgeous -- uh, Marilyn Fucking Monroe? -- that several of the women on his list are actually quite conventionally hot, and that most of them are white, all Chuck has done is to show that many female comedians, like many male comedians, tend to be outcasts and misfits with less than model-quality looks. Not that "women aren't funny" or even that women are inherently less funny than men.

The fact that Paris Hilton is not what you'd call a brilliant wit -- she's his example of a beautiful unfunny lady -- doesn't mean that "women" collectively are unfunny, any more than the fact of Tom Cruise's humorlessness means all men, or even all Scientologists, are unfunny. (Well, maybe the bit about the Scientologists.)

But the funniest part of the whole thing comes in the comments section, where one bravely anonymous commenter offers his own -- utterly sincere, unintentionally hilarious -- explanation of the "women aren't funny" meme:

Well, you're speaking of a culture/society that's been decimated by Cultural Marxism. The comedians you mention are using the Frankfurt School's Critical Theory to criticize and breakdown (criticize/critique) what remains of White Western Civilization. There were plenty of excellent white comedians, both male and female, before the open immigration act of 1965 turned the USA into a third world shit hole. There's a reason they're not white.

Yeah, that's gotta be it. Joan Rivers is staying up nights reading her dog-eared copies of the treatises of Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, perfecting her dialectical critique of ugly Oscar dresses.


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ten Thousand Maniacs, and by "maniacs" I mean "comments."

This blog hit a little milestone last night: someone posted the 10,000th comment here. (It was Natasha, actually.) Which means, of course, that if I had a dong for every comment posted here, I could be carrying this lovely 10,000 dong bill in my wallet. In South Vietnam. In 1975.

It also means that this blog is stirring up a lot of discussion. When I first started this blog, most of the comments came from angry manosphere snipers, many of them anonymous. There were also a relative handful of commenters who actually liked what this blog was doing, and who were willing to take on the Army of Doucheness. This relative handful has turned into a nice little community. I hope I can keep you all entertained and/or outraged enough to stick around.

We're also only a few thousand hits -- two or three days -- away from another milestone: a quarter of a million page views. Which is really kind of awesome.

Yet I know we could easily reach twice as many readers; maybe five times, maybe even ten. But I kind of need your help for that. Getting this blog linked to -- on Reddit, on Twitter, on Facebook, on other blogs, even in comments on other blogs -- can dramatically increase the number of visitors on any given day. And every time this blog reaches new readers, some stick around.

So to those of you who have been Tweeting and Redditing (and commenting about, and StumbleUpon-ing) Man Boobz, I thank you. Seriously. Please do it more, more, more! And if you haven't yet, and you like this blog, please start! The little buttons on the bottom of each post make it pretty straightforward.  (If you post it on Reddit, send me a link or post it in a comment and I'll go vote the submission up.)

One more thing: T-shirts, after a long delay on my part, are coming! (And coffee mugs, and stickers, and who knows what else.) Not immediately, but pretty soon, with the generous artistic assistance of Shaenon and JohnnyKaje. The first two: "we hunted the mammoth to feed you" and "underneath that fun cupcake is a MONSTER." My plan is to sell some of them at cost, and others for $5 or $10 above cost, with the profits going 100% to a well-run, appropriate charity. Something like that. Still working out the details. If you have thoughts about a good charity, let me know.

So anyway, that's the Man Boobz news. Discuss!


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Apocalypse Any Time Now

Practice with these guys first
Stop the presses! The Happy Bachelors Forum regular who calls himself hhb has ... gone Galt! Here's his announcement:

Feminism is a joke. I have refused to take part in this screwed-up society. I have sold my business and I will sit on my ass until conditions change.


It's only a matter of time now until civilization collapses in a heap. Start your countdown clock. Stock up on food and ammo. (Since my weapon of choice is the Potato Gun, food IS ammo!)

I do wonder, though, what hhb's "business" was. A paper route? A lemonade stand? Selling "Gone Galt" t-shirts on Zazzle?


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heil Hitlary!

Hillary Clinton: A legless Nazi?
Some very, er, interesting observations on world politics from SingleDad on the angry-man internet hub known as The Spearhead. 

I think things will get much worse in ways we cannot imagine today. Why do you think our secretary of state has done nothing except meet with women all over the world non-stop.

I mean, we’re in two wars, North Africa is coming undone and where is Hitlary.

I’ll tell you. She is meeting with and creating a world feminist Cabal to be a non-elected shadow government.

What can we expect, more men in prison, less boys graduating high school, less and more dangerous jobs for men, more wars (to reduce the male population, a win/win for Hitlary), and world wide demonization and extermination of heterosexuality.

They hate men, women that like men, children and families.

Use your imagination ... they are doing all this in secret as they know what they have in mind is unethical and could not tolerate the light of day.

Note: When he refers to "Hitlary," SingleDad is, I believe, trying to draw a humorous parallel between our Secretary of State and the lead character in the 1980 Pakistani film Hitlar, in which the aforementioned Hitlar, son of Hitler, terrorizes a Punjabi village. In case you missed this film when it was in theaters, here's a bit more on it from IMDb:

The movie starts with the premise that Hitler never died at the end of WWII, but that he escaped and started a family somewhere in the Punjabi heartland. The movie shows Hitlar, the son the world never knew about, sending his goons out to ravage the local villagers and terrify them into submission. Sultan Rahi witnesses the brutal murder of an innocent villager and vows to take revenge. and his quest for vengeance pits him against Hitlar, son of Hitler!

That might seem like sort of an obscure reference for SingleDad to make, but apparently The Spearheaders are huge fans of Pakistanti cinema. (I'm more of a Bollywood man myself.)


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Godwin's Law, upside-down and backwards

Meet Stu. Stu hates feminsts. But he hates manginas even more. You might even say that Stu hates manginas the way Hitler hated Jews. No, I'm not comparing Stu to Hitler. He happily compares himself to Hitler in this comment on A Voice For Men.

Phew, I’m glad you [Paul Elam] said feminist hating is an honorable and viable political act because I certainly hate them. ... The real object of my hatred are those that enable these people. The ones that are actively engaged in creating the environment of misandry that we live in now.

For those people, career feminists and manginas, my hatred would be on par to Adolf Hitlers hatred of a super rich gay jew who was raping his arse. Out of these, I hate career manginas the most. There would be no mercy for these arseholes if I could be dictator for a day, they would soon be living what is left of their lives in extreme misery.

Emphasis added. This comment, Hitler and all, got more than three times as many upvotes as downvotes from the assembled mob site's readers. Of course, Stu's comment is in response to a post titled "The Scourge of Rape. Yeah, whatever," which means that these upvoters are people who enjoyed a post titled  "The Scourge of Rape. Yeah, whatever" so much that they stuck around afterwards to compliment the author, so, you know.

This, by contrast, is the sort of comment that gets downvoted on A Voice For Men, and which inspires the post's author, Paul Elam, to tell the commenter "fuck that, and fuck you. Let me say that again. Fuck you."

EDITED TO ADD: When I posted this piece last night, that second comment had virtually no upvotes; you had to click a link to even see it. I hope at least a few of the upvotes it now has were from the regulars on that site.

Another heartening sign: the critical response Elam's "Rape ... whatever" screed got on the Men's Rights subreddit on Reddit. His response to the criticism is rather telling. I'm generally not a fan of the Men's Rights subreddit, as you might imagine, but there are some decent people who comment there and it is much less hateful than almost all of the other MRA/MGTOW/etc sites I regularly read.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Memo to angry dudes: Not all the women who hate you are feminists

Disdainful women: Not always feminists.
Given how much of their time they spend attacking feminism and feminists, manosphere dudes can be surprisingly incompetent at telling just who is and who isn't an actual, bona-fide feminist; they've got terrible fem-dar.

Case in point: Last Saturday, annoying social conservative polemicist Kay Hymowitz published a piece in the Wall Street Journal taken from her new book "Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys," in which she argues that young men today have degenerated into puerile pre-adults, led astray by an assortment of villains including, but not limited to, Maxim magazine, Comedy Central, Seth Rogan and, if the subtitle of her book is any indication, rising women. You may vaguely remember her first rehearsing this general argument in a similarly annoying City Journal piece a couple of years ago called "Child-Man in the Promised Land."

To point out a simple fact that should be evident to all but the most hardened manosphere misogynists: not everyone who says critical things about men is therefore a feminist. Indeed, many of those who say the worst things about men aren't feminist at all.

And in fact, as should be very clear to anyone who actually sits down to read her work, Hymowitz is no feminist. If the reference to "the rise of women" as a villain in her book's subtitle isn't enough of a clue, let me point you to several of the many articles she's written attacking feminism -- for example, accusing feminists of ignoring the precious wisdom of Evolutionary Psychology, going "AWOL on Islam," and just generally being "obsolete."

But the basic fact of Hymowitz' antifeminism seems not to have penetrated the consciousness of many of her critics in the manosphere, where her latest WSJ has produced a flurry of angry denunciations from dudes who take her stale tranditionalist bromides as the latest in evil feminazi-ism.

On Happy Bachelors she's derided as a "typical second-wave hag feminazi." On The Spearhead, one commenter dismisses her as "yet another smug, AA-promoted female token who can’t grasp what she and her feminist sisters have done to men." On, yet another misguided commenter snidely asserts that  "Jewish feminists do not age well."

Blogger Rex Patriarch, meanwhile, proclaims her op-ed to be a "a typical feminist rant about how wonderful women are and what disappointment men have become," and accuses her of sour grapes:

That’s right ladies do us men a favor, go away and keep telling yourselves you don’t need any sour grapes.

You ladies are the ones that need to grow up and face reality. Wanting both the full benefits of feminism and marriage without any responsibilities is understandable. I would take that deal if I could get it too but since I can't I exercise my natural right to not participate in the stacked deck you have to offer. That deal means jumping through the endless and ever increasing hoops of expectations it's going to take to just get to the break even point in a sham marriage with an entitlement princess that western women have become.

Thanks but find some other sucker to be your jumping poodle, I will take video games instead.

As a fellow video gamer and something of an overgrown child-man myself,  I've got nothing against anyone offering a good sensible critique of Hymowitz' basic thesis; unfortunately, so far all I've seen on the topic from MRAs and MGTOWers have been little more than crude misogynist (and sometimes anti-Semitic) insults, most far cruder than the remarks I've quoted here. 

But here's a hint: you can't really offer much of a critique if you start off assuming that she's driven by an ideology she actually hates.

EDITED TO ADD: Speaking of good sensible critiques of Hymowitz, here are a couple from actual feminists. ECHIDNE of the snakes takes on Hymowitz' "extreme definition of masculinity," which seems to suggest that "Men can only be men if women remain girls." Meanwhile, Jill at Feministe notes that life is not really much like Judd Apatow movies and makes the point that what Hymowitz derides as "extended adolescence" is in fact "an intelligent and fair reaction to a new economy and new gender models."


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family planning: Not a Dude Issue

Note to MGTOW: Not actually how it works.
Oh Men Going Their Own Way, why must you be so confusing? MRAs and MGTOWers complain all the time about how unfair it is for women who somehow magically get preggers after having sex with them to decide to actually keep the kids and saddle them with -- gasp! -- some of the cost of raising said kids. So you'd think manosphere dudes would all be fervently in favor of easy access to abortion or, at the very least, birth control.

Not so much. Because apparently for quite a few of these dudes, the desire to gloat over the misfortunes of women actually outweighs their desire to protect themselves from the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.

Or so I am forced to conclude after reading this thread on dealing with the recent passage in the House of a bill blocking funding of Planned Parenthood -- an event that strikes many of the commenters as hi-larious.

Apeiron offers this nugget:

Yes i saw the femms frothing at the mouth on their boards.

Well you know what bitch, we have to make cuts, lots of cuts ...

Good news is if the sluts see the cuts they might keep their legs shut and act accordingly.

The appropriately named womanhater presents his own analysis of the sexual politics of abortion:

Well - the twats replaced the husband and father with the state. Now they've bled that hubby and father dry. Of course, there's no replacement cock/sucker for the state. Have fun girls!

Rock adds:

[F]eminism cannot be defeated without cutting out funding. ... The neverending supply of manginas and white knights will keep it going unless these same people run out of money. And that is what's happening. Who would've thought the bad economy could have a good side effect. :)

Forum moderator hasmat concurs:

Want an abortion cuz you couldn't keep your legs shut? Fine, kill your baby, whore. But, I ain't paying for it. Not a penny.

But it is intp who offers the most, er, original take on the issue:

Question. What percentage of women would give their daughters up for sacrifice if they could remain young-looking/beautiful in return? I'm guessing a considerable percentage would take the Devil up on that deal. The rationalization hamster in women is strong. They would probably tell themselves I'll just have another baby later. Or "What about my needs? I have a right to be beautiful!" I ask this because per statistics most abortions occur due to non-health threatening reasons. The woman simply does not want to have a kid yet. She wants to keep screwing like a man (riding the carousel) until the last possible minute.

Ignoring the rest of intp's, ah, speculation, I have to wonder: what exactly is wrong with "screwing like a man?"


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Monday, February 21, 2011

Could it be ... Muslims?

Secret Muslim operatives.
So who invented feminism? If we're to believe the conventional historical accounts, it was invented by a bunch of ladies. But all good misogynists know that ladies can't invent their way out of a paper bag, so obviously it was some dudes who did it. Some Men's Rightsers with a conspiratorial mindset have suggested it was the evil Rockefellers, deviously using feminism as part of their plot to depopulate the world. (Presumably because feminism encourages lesbianism and abortion, not necessarily at the same time.)

Over on the brand new*, avoidwomen offers another possibility: Islam! Avoidwomen is essentially asking and answering the classic conspiracy theory question "Cui Bono?" -- which, if I remember correctly, either means "who benefits?"or "where's Bono?" (My Latin is a little rusty.) Let's try to follow the logic here:

I have to wonder if the Muslims had a role in planning feminism in many countries around the world? No violence would be needed, simply outbreed the feminists! It's no surprise that Islam is the least feminised and strongest patriarchal society and religion. It will become a world religion and a major society in as little as two decades! Women will be treated under Islam as men are under feminism. Frankly, I don't care about women and neither do millions of oppressed men. It may sound unfair, but the reality is you can't have "equality" without oppressing men and destroying society. It's a fact that the strongest patriarchies are the ones that breed the most and become the dominant society. Matriarchies become weak and die out in a couple generations, as was the case in the past.

Makes sense to me. I just wonder how Bono fits into the equation.

Some commenters agreed; others didn't. AussieSteve, for one, welcomes our future Muslim overlords:

I fully expect Australia to become Muslim in my lifetime. I don't dread it. ... I should be old enough by then that it shouldn't affect me too much, I don't drink a lot. I'm sure I'll be able to cope without my daily glass of Bundy rum.

I say, bring it on. I want to sit on my porch quietly laughing at bitches in burkahs as they cry about how men didn't come to their aid when the muslims rose to power and kicked their feminist pedestal out from under their big fat arses.

Dontmarry points out the inconvenient fact that avoidwomen's main goal -- avoidingwomen  -- won't exactly help fertility rates in the Western world either. But he still blames feminsts, manginas and overeducated women who are, er, riding the "bad boy cock carousel." 

Men going their own way also contributed to the low fertility, but hey, it's better to be unmarried and childless than to be raped financially and have the state attempt to break your spirit at every turn.

Moreover, we merely reacted. Feminists started the problem; women exacerbated it, cheered on by manginas. Women, too highly educated for their own good, prefer to delay marriage, chase their careers, and ride the bad boy cock carousel. Gradually, time catches up with them, and they wonder 'why are there no good men left'?

Clearly, Islam is devious indeed.


* Just a little non-sarcastic note here: The newly formed is basically a replacement for the old MGTOW proboards forum, which was recently taken down by the proboards administrators, apparently because of complaints from a feminist blogger. (There's more on what apparently happened here; the comment I'm linking to is apparently a cut-and-pasted comment from that blogger.) Obviously, I do not approve of people taking down sites they disagree with.


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do Men Going Their Own Way Dream of Misogynistic Sheep?

Let's just flush superbad into space.
Some manosphere dudes dream of a future filled with robogirl sex slaves eager to fulfill their every twisted wish. Over on Happy Bachelors, superbad dreams bigger. And weirder. Here's his vision of a futuristic misogynistic sex utopia, a sort of sexed-up sci-fi version of that old creepy fairy tale about Bluebeard, mixed with a bit of Moonraker for good measure:

in an ideal world i would live alone on a huge spaceship with a large queue of sexy virgin's in cryofreeze. when i got the urge i would select one to be thawed on a non-Windows OS computer. after having my way with them, if they asked anything too personal, like my name, i'd hit a big red panic button and have them flushed into space. then i'd eat some souvlaki and log on to a feminist forum and tell them how deeply i cared about their cause. "you're right Sarah! i think twats should rule the world... YAAY TWATS!" then till the wee hours i would work on my mangina annihilation ray. when perfected i'd pull up to earth, get on a 100 million watt transmitter, and announce, while sipping ouzo, "you all got 24 hours to get the f*ck out".

Yeah. Good luck with that.


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Neither saints nor whores, just women.

I recently ran across this picture online, which is evidently from a feminist protest in Mexico City in 1991; it was part of an exhibition of photos tracing the history of the feminist movement in Mexico City. (Here's a link to a Google Translated version of a web page on the exhibition,.)

I think the slogan is a pretty good description of how most feminists would like women to be regarded: Not as saints, not as whores, but just as women.

Or, in language more understandable to a lot of the MRAs/MGTOWers out there: "Not as pretty princesses, not as Ameriskanks, but just as women." 


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Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Low in Victim-Blaming, Part 2: In Mala Fide on Lara Logan

From In Mala Fide
The reaction of the "manosphere" to Lara Logan's reported sexual assault in Cairo has been highly revealing, to put it mildly. And what it reveals about the assorted Men's Rightsers, Men Going Their Own Way, pickup artists, and others who make up the manosphere is pretty ugly.

Take, for example, Ferdinand Bardamu's posts on the subject. On Tuesday, Bardamu, whose antifeminist blog In Mala Fide is widely linked to in the manosphere, spat forth a snide, sarcastic rant that attacked Logan for having the temerity to even set foot in Egypt. He started out dismissive:

Apparently, a CBS lady reporter got raped while covering the revolution in Egypt. For some reason, we’re expected to feel sorry for her.

Then turned up the sarcasm:

Oh, what a symbol of courage Miss Logan is! What a beacon of determination and grit and…no, seriously. I can’t go on.

Fuck Lara Logan. Fuck her and the shit-for-brains idiot who thought it was a good idea to send a WOMAN to report from a war zone. ...

Of course, Bardamu ignores the simple  fact that is is dangerous to send ANY reporter, male or female, into the midst of a revolution -- indeed, the Committee to Protect Journalists has documented more than 140 attacks on journalists in the Egyptian unrest so far; one journalist was shot and killed. Despite this fact, it is an undeniably good thing that some reporters (male and female both) are willing to risk their lives to cover wars and revolutions and other dramatic, dangerous, and important events. No one has suggested that the attacks on male journalists mean that men should not be covering these events. No one is mocking the male journalists who were attacked. (Well, almost no one. Bardamu refers in passing to CNN's Anderson Cooper, also famously attacked while covering the events of Egypt, as a "twinkle-toed pansy [who] couldn’t handle the heat on the streets of Cairo.")

For Bardamu, though, Logan's story is one of a woman foolishly trying to make her way in a man's world:

You send a chick into a situation like the one in Egypt, you might as well hang a sign around her neck that says “FREE FUCKTOY”. I don’t care how many disaster areas she’s reported from, how many awards she’s won, it was going to happen eventually. ...

Sucks that Lara got raped, but she had it coming. [Emphasis in original]

To Bardamu, this case is evidence not only that women journalists should not be sent to cover the Egyptian revolution but that they should not be allowed to leave their home country at all:

[O]f COURSE Lara shouldn’t be sent on another foreign assignment again! She, nor any other women should be allowed to be a foreign correspondent for their own safety.

And then, after arguing that Logan "had it coming,"and that any western woman who has the temerity to leave her hotel room and step out into the streets of Cairo should expect herself to get raped sooner or later, Bardamu then suggests that Logan may be making it all up:

There’s a non-zero chance that she didn’t get raped at all, and that she made the whole thing up to garner attention and sympathy from the weepy, chivalrous masses. ...

I have no evidence that she’s not telling the truth, only a tiny feeling in the pit of my stomach that’s been growing year by year, with every venal vixen who falsely accuses a man of rape because she wants fame, or she feels like a slut after sleeping with the guy, or she’s mad that he slept with her best friend the day after, or whatever else.

Naturally, in the comments, many of Bardamu's fans agreed that women women who trespass into male spaces deserve whatever happens to them. According to "John":

Women do not belong in men’s locker rooms, Mike Tysons apartment at 2:00 a.m., drunk in a bar bathroom with the Steelers quarterback, and they sure as hell don’t belong “reporting” in the middle of a revolution. Women should not go to Frat Parties dressed like sluts and get drunk with the expectation that “nothing will happen.” ...
This woman, Laura Logan, is not just an idiot – she is an adulterous whore. She shares this unfortunate circumstance with tens of millions of others of her sex, and deserves no pity whatsoever.

For some, the case was not just another excuse for "slut shaming" but evidence that the very notion of equality between the sexes is wrong. As Brett Stevens put it:

American women are rape targets worldwide. They are known to be clueless, friendly, and most of all, sexually easy. If a woman chucks her sexual favors out the door at the drop out of a hat, why not just go the extra mile and apply pressure? ... We take these girls from comfy suburbs and send them into war zones and riots and wonder why they get gang raped. Amazing cluelessness, arising from our insane idea of “equality.”

There were other comments even worse than these -- e.g., this one -- but I don't have the heart to post them here.

But Bardamu's retrograde notions were also challenged in the comments -- mostly from those who saw his noxious post linked to on feminist sites and on Twitter, but also in a few cases from actual fans of his blog.

This reaction inspired Bardamu to post a second piece on the Logan story, one even more narcissistic and self-righteous than the first. After taking on some of his critics (most notably Molly of Progressive Blogic, whom he labeled a "premenstrual whiner"), and casually referring to Logan as "an unwilling cum dumpster," Bardamu tried to pretend that it was him, and not the feminists, who had the best interests of women at heart.

Lara Logan had no business being in Cairo, or anywhere in that part of the world for that matter. All of you leftie feminist tossers screeching about “rape culture” have her blood on your hands. How many more have to suffer before your lies are discredited?

Sorry, but a guy who refers to any women, much less a woman who has been raped, as a "cum dumpster" pretty much forfeits any right to be taken seriously on the subject of what is best for women.

About a week ago, Bardamu reported that he'd taken a Psychopathy Test on OkCupid, and had scored an impressive 31 points, which put him in the ranks of the "True Psychopaths."  His posts on Logan -- full of narcissistic rage and utterly lacking in basic human empathy -- seem to bear out this diagnoses all too well.


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Off-topic Friday: Huge-ass bat.

Serious post later. In the meantime, here's a huge-ass bat:


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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taking victim-blaming to new lows: The Spearhead on Lara Logan

Lara Logan, shortly before the attack
There has been an astounding amount of vile shit posted on the internet about the reported sexual assault and beating of CBS reporter Lara Logan in Cairo's Tahir Square. I spent a depressing hour or so the other night looking through hundreds of comments on the Yahoo news message boards; it was a virtual festival of misogyny, racism, victim-blaming and simple nastiness. A sample (each quote is from a different comment):

don't put some nice white pu55y near crazy @#$% arabs. it's like goddamn king kong

Kinda' like sending a woman reporter into a locker room? Don't ask me to feel any kind of remorse for her. Equal rights demands equal responsibility

it started as a revolution and turned in a black spring break! mwaa ha ha

She loved every minute of it.

I could multiply examples ad infinitum; the last I checked there were more than 1500 comments on the one Yahoo news story I looked at, and most were of this sort. The only slightly encouraging sign? Most of these vile comments have more downvotes from readers than upvotes.

You expect this kind of behavior from the Yahoo message board crowd, which has never been very big on civility, or even basic human decency. Typical anonymous internet assholery.

Leave it to the readers of The Spearhead, though, to take commentary on this sad case to an even lower low. Yesterday, Spearhead head honcho W.F. Price published his own, predictably victim-blaming, take on the subject -- essentially blaming feminists for encouraging women to report the news in the same dangerous places that male reporters go. (When Anderson Cooper was attacked, you didn't hear anyone suggesting that men shouldn't be covering the events in Cairo.)

I think that's a supremely tasteless way to use this tragedy to push an antifeminist agenda. But the comments to his article, roughly 270 of them at last count, are far worse -- rarely bothering with even a pro-forma expression of basic human sympathy, some blaming and even mocking the victim, and most using the case to crudely push an assortment of their own misogynist agendas.  Here are some of the worst; I present them without comment, as they pretty much speak for themselves. I have edited some for space reasons; you can follow the links to read them in their entirety.

Alucin explained about how rape allegedly benefits its victims:

When I studied in university a woman claimed to have been gang-raped. After telling the story, she acquired a certain authority. She was at the top of the feminist hierarchy .... Her word was gold because of her rape.

It was never even verified if she had in fact been raped.

It’s a harsh thing to say, but the woman at university gained immensely from the rape, or her rape story-telling, with this increased stature. She probably wouldn’t have gotten into that very small degree program without the rape story to tell to the admissions committee.

At school, no one, especially a man, could ever challenge her about any subject, however remotely related to rape. ...

Rape against men or women is a tragedy, but I also find it sickening how “survivors” or their “friends and supporters” often use their status for personal gain. ... It’s the same thing when feminists politicize breast cancer. 

Opus added:

I agree with Alcuin: In my experience women wear RAPE like a badge of honour or military medal (as I presume Ms Logan will now do). I, of course, never believe word of it, and I notice most guys these days are equally sceptical. There may be an increasing Rape epidemic but no one I know is a Rapist. Funny.

Confused declared that he didn't give a shit:

No group on earth is more privileged that American/western women.
I won’t waste my time any more worrying about their safety, or lack thereof, due to their choices.

intp took it a step further:

Don’t believe her. Don’t care. I hope the Arab guys didn’t catch anything from her.

That is what the non-stop lie called feminism has done to me. Vive la nihilism.

Rebel offered this highly original take on rape:

I don’t see the point here..

According to feminist orthodoxy, humpteen gazillion women are raped every day. This one is the humpteen gazillionth plus one for that day.

Women are raped if you have sex with them, women are raped if you don’t have sex with them, women are raped even if there are no men around. ...

Every time two animals are copulating, a woman feels raped. There are more rapes on earth than there are hydrogen molecules in the universe.

To women of today, rape seems to be the highest achievement, the Royal Road to Success.

I’m laughing so much I might get a hernia, my belly is aching from the laughter.

Papa Smurf suggested the reported rape was a great career move, and ended his comment with a smiley:

she’ll be a CBS news anchor in no time. great way to get promoted.

I dont know if she genuinely didnt want what just happend or maybe feminism has affectivly blinded her and rendered her stupid. Blonde western women in the arab world are like all you can eat restraunts to fat people. Just help yourselves ;)

Troll King posted a long rambling diatribe against "western women" in the Middle East, of which these remarks are only a small portion:


Typical feminist/western woman(as if there is a difference) acts like her typical bitchy self in a place that won’t tolerate it. ....

The fact is that women, western cunts, think they can go into a culture and act how they want and treat the poorest of the poor not just like “help” or a but like a slave that should be lashed for simply flirting. I bet these rapists look who do this probably thought she would act towards them the same way white women act towards brown and black men on western tv. Like he was a stud....

But, umm, like yeah dude. That is so hurrible I might go and cry a river.

The Contrarian Expatriate took victim-blaming to a new low:

Sounds like she got what she set herself up for. You can yell, “I am woman, hear me roar!” all you want in the Anglosphere, but step into the 3rd world behaving that way and they will pound you (no pun intended) back into your place.

Again, as is generally the case with the comments from The Spearhead that I quote here on my blog, these are not weird outliers in the discussion there. Unlike the comments from Yahoo I quoted above, all of the comments I quoted from The Spearhead got multiple upvotes from readers there, in most cases several dozen; none had more than a handful of downvotes. Alucin's comment about the benefits of rape -- a comment surprisingly similar in spirit to an infamous quote on false rape accusations from Catherine Comins, an assistant dean at Vassar, that still raises hackles from antifeminists two decades after it was uttered to a Time magazine writer --  got more than 80 upvotes. There is more than a little irony here.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lady Killers

Feminist Training Camp
There's only really one rule to follow if you want to get upvoted on The Spearhead: make sure you say something hateful about women! If you follow this rule, you can say almost anything you want, no matter how completely batshit insane it is, and still get a couple of dozen upvotes. Works every time!

Consider, for example, this peculiar wisdom from one fellow calling himself Anonymous age 68, taken from a long, rambling comment that, the last time I checked, had 35 upvotes and only 11 downvotes. Take it away, you lovable old kook:

For 45 years, the man-haters who run this country have been saying privately they want to kill most men. I read MS. in the 80?s, and it was there. In recent years, they have shushed the stupids who have been saying it publicly, but you can be sure they are privately saying, “NOT YET, STUPID!” ...

Killing large numbers of men is the only one of the original feminist goals which has not yet been achieved. And, all the other things they have done to men were directly or indirectly in the original lists.

I subscribed to MS magazine in the 70?s and 80?s, until my stomach would not take it any more. They told right out in there, their original goals. The world cannot be safe until most men are terminated.

I tried to tell other men, who treated me like s**t. “Why do you worry about things like that? This is the USA, and nothing like that will ever happen. ...” 
Exactly what the Jew leaders told worried Jews in the 20th Century.That worked out real well.

Just in case you didn't subscribe to Ms. in the 70s and 80s, and you're wondering what the other original feminist goals were, here's the whole list:

1) Buy comfortable shoes
2) Create Lilith Fair
3) Kill men.
4) ???
5) Profit!


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Factchecking a list of "Hateful Quotes From Feminists"

Making a list, checking it twice.
Periodically, in the comments here, someone will post a dubious list of "evil feminist quotes" they have found on some Men's Rights or antifeminist website. These lists are always faintly ridiculous, filled with decades-old quotes from a handful of radical feminists (most notably, Andrea Dworkin), most of whom have been soundly criticized by other feminists and whose ideas have been rejected by the majority of feminists today. The lists also tend to be very sloppily put together. When I've gone to check the accuracy of these lists, I've invariably run into problems -- one quote may have come from a character in a novel, another may be a quote that doesn't reflect the author's own point of view, and so on.

Recently, one of the antifeminists who regularly comments here (Cold) posted a link to one such list, helpfully titled "Hateful Quotes From Feminists." It's fairly typical of these sorts of lists: many of the quotes are decades old, there are ten quotes from a single radical feminist -- yes, Andrea Dworkin -- and the list is sloppily put together.

I decided to give this list a fairly thorough fact-checking. And the results were, well, more or less what I expected, which is to say that the list was a sloppy mixture of truth, half-truth and outright falsehood.

The story, in brief: Some of the quotes I checked were indeed accurate -- or mostly accurate. But several quotes were simply imaginary, or uttered by fictional characters; one was a complete misrepresentation of what the author was saying; two were paraphrased, which is to say, words put in the mouths of feminist authors by feminist critics; some were from obscure or anonymous sources, and in a few cases it wasn't clear if those quoted were feminists at all; several were improperly sourced. There were a number of quotes that didn't specify where they were from, and which turned out to be impossible to check. And then there were a couple of quotes which were not actually hateful at all.

I didn't check everything in the list, but --if you have the patience for it -- let's go through what I did check, as a sort of case study in the shoddiness of much antifeminist propaganda.

Let's start off with the very first quote:

"In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent." Catherine MacKinnon in Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies, p. 129.

We're off to a bad start here. This is not a quote from MacKinnon. The words were in fact written by Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge, the actual authors of "Professing Feminism," a polemical book critical of feminism. They purport to summarize the views of MacKinnon and Dworkin, though, as Snopes points out in its debunking of the false quote, both M and D have specifically stated that they don't believe intercourse is rape. Apparently the quote was attributed to MacKinnon in a column by right-wing columnist Cal Thomas, which is evidently how it entered the land of antifeminist mythology. Somewhere along the line, Catharine had her name changed to Catherine.

Then there's this alleged quote from Andrea Dworkin:

"Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies."

According to Wikiquote, this quote is quite literally fictional:

The first appearance of this quote is from P: A Novel (2003) by Andrew Lewis Conn as a quote from the fictional feminist "Corinne Dwarfkin". The original reads "In capsule form, my thesis is that heterosexual intercourse is the pure, distilled expression of men's contempt for women." In the slightly altered form given above, the quote is attributed in several books to Andrea Dworkin. Neil Boyd, in Big Sister (2004) attributes the quote to Letters from a War Zone, however, this quote, nor any one with similar phrasing, appears in that work.

Indeed, our listmaker seem to have a lot of trouble quoting Dworkin correctly. A bunch of the quotes are taken from her book Letters From a War Zone, which I happen to own. The first quote I checked was this one:

"The newest variations on this distressingly ancient theme center on hormones and DNA: men are biologically aggressive; their fetal brains were awash in androgen; their DNA, in order to perpetuate itself, hurls them into murder and rape." Andrea Dworkin, Letters from a War Zone, p. 114.

It's a weird quote, which sounds a lot like it's coming from the the middle of a complicated argument. That's because it is. And when you read what precedes it, it becomes clear that  it's NOT a statement of Dworkin's own beliefs. She was in fact summarizing (in her own words) the beliefs of "male supremacist" sociobiologists like Edward O. Wilson. It may or may not be a fair summary of their views, but that's not the point: it's NOT what she thought. Later in the paragraph, in fact, she compared these views to Hitler's.

The other quotes from the book are more or less accurate. Words are missing, moved from one sentence to another, verb tenses are changed; they're very sloppy transcriptions, but at least they aren't complete and utter misrepresentations of what Dworkin wrote.

There's also quote from Andrea Dworkin that's listed as being from "Liberty, p. 58." Dworkin never wrote a book called Liberty. But I found the quote in what seems to be a scholarly work; it's evidently from Dworkin's book Our Blood.

Finally, there are a few other alleged quotes from Dworkin; they don't have sources listed for them. I found the quotes elsewhere online -- but only on dubious "quote pages" and other iterations of "evil feminist" lists. They sound Dworkin-ish, but given the listmaker's track record I have no faith that they are actually real, correctly transcribed Dworkin.

It's bizarre. How hard is it to find hair-raising quotes from Andrea Dworkin? Dworkin was so radical that most feminists disagree with her, sometimes violently. You could practically pick a sentence at random from almost any of her books and chances are good it would offend somebody -- including me. A number of her writings are available online. How lazy and sloppy do you have to be to fuck up your Dworkin quotes like this?

Let's now turn to Marilyn French's famously fictional quote:

"All men are rapists and that's all they are." Marilyn French in People, February 20, 1983

Oh, the quote is real -- she wrote it -- but it is not a statement of French's beliefs. Nor did it originate in People magazine. It is a line of dialogue from her book The Woman's Room. Wikipedia, take it away:

Following the rape of Val's daughter Chris, Val states (over Mira's protests), "Whatever they may be in public life, whatever their relationships with men, in their relationships with women, all men are rapists, and that's all they are. They rape us with their eyes, their laws, and their codes" (p. 433). Critics have sometimes quoted Val's dialogue as evidence of French's misandry without noting that the passage is only spoken by one of many characters in the novel.

Now, it's true that this sentence was quoted in People magazine -- in the issue of Feb 20 1979, not Feb 20, 1983 as claimed. It's not clear from the rather sloppy People article that this is a line from the book, but it is.

In the article, French notes that the book is partly based on her experience -- drawing on the emotions she herself felt after her own daughter was raped.

"Sometimes I felt so violent about it and how the courts treated her," French admits, "that there seemed no recourse but to go out, buy a gun and shoot the kid who did it, and the lawyers too. I couldn't help my own child." Plenty of that rage made its way into The Women's Room. "I'm less angry now. Being too deep in anger corrodes your interior."

So, again, it is very clear that the "all men are rapists" quote is meant to reflect a character awash in rage and pain; it is not an ideological statement of misandry.

The "Hateful Quotes" list also contains a bunch of quotes from people I've never heard of; they're obviously not major feminist figures, and may not even be feminists. Gordon Fitch? Never heard of the guy, and can't find anything about him online.

Hodee Edwards? Never heard of her either, and I can only find a handful of mentions of her online, but she's mentioned in the footnotes of a Catharine MacKinnon book, and it looks as though she is, or at least was, a feminist with Marxist leanings. But there is no way to even find out what the source of the quote is -- a book, an essay, a quotation in a news story? -- much less actually find the source and confirm that the quote is real.

Then there's Pat Poole:

Melbourne City Councilwoman Pat Poole announced her opposition to renaming a street for Martin Luther King: "I wonder if he really accomplished things, or if he just stirred people up and caused a lot of riots."

Who the hell is Pat Poole? I looked her up, and yes, she was a city councilwoman in Melbourne, Florida, but I was unable to find out much beyond that. Is the quote accurate? I don't know. There's no source given, and I can't find the original quote online. Is she actually a feminist, or is the author of the list simply assuming she is one because she's a woman?

And then of course there is the anonymous "Liberated Woman" whose quote ends the list. She definitely sounds like a feminist. We just don't know for sure if she or the quote are real.

Moving on, I can't help but notice that a number of the allegedly hateful quotes are in fact not hateful at all. Take, for example, Barbara Ehrenreich's quote about the family, which is in fact part of a sharply written essay on "family values." You can find it here.

Here's another distinctly non-hateful quote:

"Women take their roles of caretakers very seriously and when they hear of someone who's taken advantage of a child, they react more strongly than men do." - Kathleen C. Faller, professor of social work at the University of Michigan

Faller, if she did indeed say this, may or may not be correct, but it's hard to see how this is "hateful." Women on average spend much more time caring for children than men do and it may well be that, on average, they react more strongly than men. I couldn't find the quote in question -- again, this is because the listmaker didn't actually provide the source -- but her faculty web page is here.

Then there's this "hateful" quote on religion:

"God is going to change. We women... will change the world so much that He won't fit anymore." Naomi Goldenberg, Changing of the Gods: Feminism and the End of Traditional Religions.

The quote is real; Goldenberg is indeed a feminist theologian. But here's a little newsflash: There are lots of people in the world, feminist and non-feminist, who do not believe in traditional notions of God. Or in God at all. Nietzsche famously said "God is Dead," Richard Dawkins says God is "a delusion," and about 80 zillion internet athiests (many of them not feminists in the slightest) regularly compare belief in God to belief in unicorns, fairies, and Santa Claus.

I checked out a few other quotes on the list. The Hillary Clinton quote is accurate; the source is here.  The Barbara Jordan quote appears in a Texas Monthly article here.

The quote from Catherine Comins -- a favorite "evil feminist quote" amongst MRAs -- has its origins in a Time magazine article, but it is not actually a quote from her; it is someone else's summary of what she told Time in the article in question. Nor do we know the full context in which she spoke.

I don't have the time or patience to fact-check the rest of the list. If anyone out there happens to have time and/or patience, or happens to own any of the books that are cited as sources, feel free to fact check it yourself and post your findings. (EDITED TO ADD: triplanetary has risen to the challenge, and has factchecked the rest of the list, as well as offering some excellent commentary on the alleged "hatefulness" of many of the quotes. You can find the post here.)

The numerous errors in this list -- some minor, some huge -- say something not only about the creator of this list but about all those who've distributed this list without, clearly, bothering to check anything in it .  (Or, in the case of Cold, to contine to distribute a list he's pretty sure is less than reliable.) Is this the result of laziness, or dishonesty? A bit of both, I imagine.

But I think this list is also a symptom of the tendency of many in the Men's Rights movement to inflate the evils of their opponents. So many MRAs are so determined to prove that their supposed oppression is worse than that of women, and so determined to blame it all on feminism, that they need to make their opponents larger than life and twice as nasty. Given that the feminism they fight is largely a paranoid fantasy, bearing very little resemblance to feminism as it actually exists in the world today, it's hardly shocking that a number of the quotes on this little list are fictional -- and that none of the MRAs posting this list here and there on the internet seem to have even noticed (or, if they have noticed, to care, or at least to care enough to stop distributing the list). When you're fighting phantoms in your own mind, the truth doesn't really matter, does it?

Given how poorly this list held up to my fack-checking attempts, from now on I will consider this list and others like it spam, and delete any comments that  link to them.

If any of you antifeminists still feel the desire to post "evil feminist quotes" in the comments here, you may do so, but only if you (or the list that you link to) provides clickable links to the original sources of the quotes in question.  If you can't provide a link to the source, I'll delete it.

When I quote from MRAs and MGTOW-ites and other misogynists on this blog, I provide links to the sources. What's so hard about that?

EDIT: Fixed links, and a few verb tenses.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Animal lust

What better day than Valentine's Day for a post about love? Or at least the MGTOW version of love, which is more like a mixture of lust and loathing.

I've spoken before about what I've called the MGTOW Paradox: Men Going Their Own Way generally seem to hate the ladies, but the ladies still keep giving them boners. Recently, on the grotequely misnamed Happy Bachelors forum, Marcus Aurelius -- who describes himself without irony as "one of the more, if you will, 'spiritual' voices on the forum" -- offered four partial solutions to this problem of excess lady desire. They are, in order: Porn, furious masturbation, a deep understanding of the Buddhist notion of "the impermanence of form," and ... whatever this is:

And another thing I do...when [desire]  ACTUALLY say I see a hot looking girl at work, and it starts to creep up, I actually indulge in it for a moment. I look at the woman. Think about my attraction to her nice...whatever. Then, I think about it as tho I am at the Public Zoo. Seriously. At the zoo, you will see a wild exotic animal, and you will stare through that glass in awe of this animal.....but you wouldn't set foot in that damn cage...because you KNOW if you did....that damn thing would TEAR YOU APART. Thats how I like to look at attractive american women. Animals in a zoo.

That only works for so long, dude. Then you turn into a furry.


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can't cook, can't clean. What can you do?

Silly woman, that's not how to wash a baby!
It was a question that baffled even the brilliant Dr. Freud: "What do women want?" Freud died without ever knowing the answer to this crucial question, but luckily we won't have to. Because douchebag blogger MarkyMark has figured it out. What do women want? They want to not get fat.

Did you ever notice how women will fret all the time about whether or not they look fat, even if they don't?  Did you ever wonder why?

I have a theory as to why women go crazy over gaining weight: their sex appeal is ALL they have.  Modern women, in their heart of hearts, know that they have nothing else to offer a man.  They cannot cook; shoot, some women can't even boil water!  They cannot clean.  They cannot offer good companionship, because they're not good companions; if anything, they're man hating battle axes who would curse a man by being with him.  Yeah, I said it!  The modern woman curses a man by being with him!  The modern trollop, er woman, offers NOTHING to a man but her sex appeal, and that's why she freaks out over any weight gain.  For me, it's as simple as that...

Can't cook, can't clean. Damn. Now I've got this Adam Ant song stuck in my head:


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day, Massacred

Don't let it be said that the dudes of the manosphere aren't ready for Valentine's Day. Oh, they haven't been ordering little teddy bears and giant bouquets of flowers for their sweeties. They've been getting ready to throw a fit at the very notion of the ersatz holiday.

Marc Rudov, a self-described MRA, "relationship expert" and all-around asshole, has been trying to organize a boycott of VD for several years now. "There's nothing romantic about coercing men to oblige female entitlement," Rudov recently told AOL News. "Valentine's Day artificially and unilaterally caters to women. It's the media's annual male-bashing fest."

Over on The Spearhead, grizzled MRA veteran Zed has written not one but two articles attacking VD, which he describes as "Extortion of Insincere Materialistic Tokens of Affection Under Threat of Emotional Violence Day." Meanwhile, Paul Elam -- never one for subtlety -- has one-upped old Zed, denouncing the holiday as "a socially coerced day of hyper-entitlement for a generation of princess leeches." Endorsing Rudov's boycott, Elam seems especially incensed by the omnipresent "Every Kiss Begins With Kay" ads that clutter the airwaves every year as VD approaches.

One commenter at The Spearhead summons up his inner comedian:

There’ two types of VD. One is a potentially serious affliction that can be caught from sexual relations with a woman. Symptoms include tiredness, lack of sex drive, acute pain in the groin region and loss of work productivity. It’s difficult to treat as the parasite responsible is very demanding and difficult to get rid of.

The other is a bacterial infection treatable with antibiotics and rest.

Marc Rudov: Trying to hypnotize you with his teeth.
Ba-dum tsssh!

It's almost cute, all this energy and anger. These guys seem to really think that they're the first people to ever have an issue with Valentine's day, the first people to ever get irritated by "every kiss begins with Kay."

But, guess what? Lots of people hate Valentine's day. I generally find it pretty annoying myself, and the Kay commercials, which basically suggest that the women of America are jewel-hungry prostitutes and the men their johns, set my teeth a-grinding.  Granted, I'm generally been most hostile to VD when I've been single, but when a couple of years ago I discovered that my then-girlfriend was a really really really big fan of the holiday (and not a fan of my more laid-back approach to it) it was actually one of the things that led me to break up with her a few weeks later.

You know who else hates Valentine's day and the blizzard of retrograde sexist advertising that accompanies it? Lots and lots of women, especially those of the feminist persuasion, who generally don't take kindly to the insinuation that women are diamond whores. Indeed, a couple of weeks back, hundreds of the mostly women of Reddit's TwoXChromosomes subreddit happily upvoted a topic with the title "If I see one more freakin' "Every Kiss Begins with Kay" commercial I am going to find whoever is responsible for that nonsense and take a big fat poop on his face. "

Hell, Valentine's Day hatred is everywhere. In the London Times, Helen McNutt -- a woman, if her first name is any indication -- spelled out "20 reasons it's okay to hate Valentine's Day."  Meanwhile, the Onion News Network ran a hilarious piece on the "Annual Valentine's Day Stoning Of a Happy Couple ."

And if you want your VD hatred live and direct, you can always monitor Twitter for bitter anti-VD tweets.

Indeed, VD hatred has become so omnipresent that the folks at Slate, hoping to gin up some pageviews with some well-timed contrarianism, ran a piece -- get this -- actually defending the holiday. "I'm almost afraid to say it," the piece began, "I have plans for Valentine's Day. ... If I'm lucky, there may even be chocolate and flowers involved."

Like a lot of VD haters, I have plans for February 15th. They definitely involve chocolate, bought at a steep discount.


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