Monday, January 31, 2011

Disorganized atheistic rectal sodomizing feminists of the world unite!

More from The Ghost Nation, a sort of MGTOW-ish site that hates MGTOW. And "rectal sodomites" and, well, a long list of others.

When novelist-turned-film-critic James Agee saw Bill and Coo, a feature-length 1948 film starring nothing but trained birds, he described it as "by conservative estimate, the God-damndest thing ever seen." I believe that title may now belong to The Ghost Nation. Here's a useful list from the site detailing The Personality Traits of Feminists:

If you are a feminist, you do not sincerely believe in God, you endorse Zionism, rectal sodomites, violence, police brutality, are two-faced, a liar, treacherous, a prospective adulterer, swear a lot, disorganized, vulgar, angry, a hacker and cybercriminal, untrustworthy, unfair, unjust, you share private information, are a misandrist, you commit blackmail and extortion, you are unpatriotic, you do not support the Constitution, are not humble, you hate straight whitey, have an erratic temperament, raise your voice to get a point across, are a sexual deviant, sadistic, violent, manipulative, fake friendships, enthusiastically associate with criminals, Zionists, sociopaths and psychopaths, cheat, are worthless and nonconstructive, are anti-heterosexual, heterophobic, atheist, agnostic, engage in gang-stalking, promote ugliness and scatology, do not respect other’s privacy, and do not believe that all rectal sodomites are homosexuals.

Hmm. I'll just go through the list item by item: Yes, not exactly, yes, depends, no, no, no, no, no, yes, yes, yes, sometimes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, erratic or ... erotic?, sometimes, yes, maybe a little, sometimes, not really, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes, no, ugliness not really but scatology sometimes, no, yes.

I hope I didn't leave out any answers and inadvertently make myself out to be a blackmailing gang-stalking adulterous cybercriminal rather than a humble disorganized agnostic who is friendly towards rectal sodomites and, really, sodomites generally. 

So how many of the personality traits apply to you, dear readers?

Oh, and by the way, if you didn't believe me about Bill and Coo, here is a clip of this exceedingly WTF film masterpiece:


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She's so fine, there's no tellin' where the money went

The epitome of White Womanhood?
So recently I stumbled across a blog and forum called The Ghost Nation. It's truly scary. I would describe it as "MGTOW meets lunatic racist right wing conspiracy theory," except that the people (person?) behind it think that MGTOW are a bunch of "atheists, rectal sodomites, criminals, dirtbags, black supremacists, jewish supremacists, misogynists and zionists."

The topics on The Ghost Nation forum are a bit more, er, varied than those on your typical MGTOW forum. MGTOW types are generally preoccupied with the topic of what dirty whores women are. The Ghost Nation regulars devote attention to that always important topic, but also manage to find time to discuss such things as evil Zionists, BMX biking, and popular music. For example, the head dude behind The Ghost Nation has some highly original notions about the video for Robert Palmer's song Simply Irresistible:

Notice all the women are White with no tats and natural boobs. The end of the USA was 1986. MTV was bought by Viacom in 1986 and this video was the last promoting the White race done in 1988. Since then Aw [American women] have turned into fat, nasty, tat plastered fake boobed slobs. Simply Irresistible was such a hit that the Zionists panicked and started something called Yo MTV Raps in 1988. From that point on straight White males were bashed in the media. It's been many years since I saw the video but I get it now. You see Zionists are so insecure that they have to destroy what is beautiful. They do this on purpose. There is nothing more beautiful then tall White women without tats or fake boobs. Members here know this but younger generations don't. MTV promotes ugly female midgets these days like on Jersey Shore.

Are Robert Palmer's dancers a better representation of White Womanhood than Snooki? How much makeup is too much makeup? Was Robert Palmer truly the world's most debonair man? Watch the video and judge for yourself:

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger

Manosphere men often complain about evil women attempting to drain them of their money. To which there really is a very simple solution: If you don't want a girlfriend or wife who expects you to support her, don't seek out women who expect you to support them.

This seems like a  fairly common-sense strategy, and one that would simple enough for even the dullest of man boobz to remember. But apparently it has proved a little hard to put into practice.

For evidence of this, let's return to our good friend Nightstorm -- you know, the mousetrap-vagina, leech-women in the food court of doom guy on NiceGuy's MGTOW forum. He's back with another posting called "The List,"which is a list -- naturally -- of

the soul draining demands a woman puts on a man once their together. He MUST do these things to "make the relationship work"

The list is long, loopy, whiny, and filled with ridiculous things that MGTOWs and many MRAs tend to imagine that all women demand of all men ("Open all doors before and after for her"), but which have not actually been a part of any relationship I've ever been in. Aside from some complaints that are ridiculously petty ("Go to borning [sic] family out-goings") and some that are weird paranoid fantasies ("You get your penis size and bed performance revealed to the sisterhood. Oh yes, their not laughing with you!"),  the complaints come back, again and again, to money:

Pay for dinner ...
Buying her yet another useless item she doesn't need, like shoes or a brand new car ....
You get to pay for the privledge of being with this woman. ...
You get to work while she lays around the house doing nothing. ...
She can have the government garnish your wages to pay her just for being the female spouse. ...  You get to feel like the worthless scum you are and pay her for telling you that you are.

I'm not even sure what the fuck he's even talking about with half of this shit.

But, again, there really is a simple solution to all these money issues. I'll say it again, in bold  this time: If you don't want a girlfriend or wife who expects you to support her, don't seek out women who expect you to support them.

This, evidently, is where Nightstorm's grand strategy has gone a bit awry.

For, as I discovered from another posting of his from a few days back, it turns out that Nightstorm's plan to totally avoid evil leech-like women apparently entails spending many hours flirting with women online. Indeed, he included a long transcript of an online chat he'd recently had with an (alleged) 18-year-old (alleged)  girl who'd evidently decided after a couple of online chats that she wanted to be his girlfriend, despite the fact that the two of them have never actually met and in fact live in different states. (Hey, women can be idiots too.)

Nightstorm (posting as "shawnz") decided they needed to set down the terms of their relationship, and began by asking her what she thought she brought to the relationship. She jokingly suggested: herself, her "sexy hair," and her vagina.

[20:54] shawnz: if you become my GF..
[20:54] shawnz: I will get you, your sexy hair, and your vagina
[20:55] shawnz: and what do you expect out of me ...
[20:55] [name redacted]: ur penis ur cuddles and ur texting/calling/being on cam and coming to visit!
[20:55] shawnz: ok, anything else
[20:56] [name redacted]: nope

That seems pretty straightforward. No mention of "family out-goings" or even paying for dinner.

Nightstorm then set out his terms for the relationship:

[20:58] shawnz: First, I want a girl who cooks and cleans the house, I want someone who doesn't nag, cripe
[20:58] shawnz: bitch, or complain, someone who cuddles and anytime I want sex
[20:58] shawnz: someone who has ambition
[20:58] [name redacted]: demanding arent we lol
[20:58] shawnz: and someone who wants more than just love in the relationship, after all its hard work

Demanding, to be sure, lol, but he offers some things in return:

[20:59] shawnz: and what I offer is romance, a good paying salary for provision, and intimacy
[20:59] shawnz: I also offer you good self-esteem and reliability and faithfulness

Let's pause for a moment to consider that bit in the middle after "romance": "a good paying salary for provision."

The two haven't even met, and he's already offering to support her financially.

It appears Nightstorm not only has not only bungled the whole "don't pursue women who expect you to support them" strategy I have outlined above. He's actually OFFERING TO SUPPORT A WOMAN WHO DOESN'T ACTUALLY EXPECT HIM TO SUPPORT HER.

It seems to me that if you want a woman who is financially dependent on you -- you provide the money, she provides "anytime [you] want sex" -- you pretty much forfeit your right to complain about her being financially dependent on you.

Fortunately for Nightstorm, [name redacted], and the rest of us on this planet, he decided that [name redacted] wasn't serious enough to be his girlfriend. So, crisis averted. For now.


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pay no attention to the man behind the turntables

He's up to his neck in pussy, no doubt.
So the fellows over on NiceGuy's MGTOW forum are discussing why women seem to like DJs -- sorry, "why a womyn so crazy about DJs?" Because that's what Men Going Their Own Way like to do: spend all their time speculating about the details of the dating lives of the women that they totally don't want to have anything to do with.

I can't answer for the, er, womyn, but last year I had a date with a woman who did a bit of DJing, and considering that I'm sort of a music obsessive her DJing seemed maybe just a tiny bit, you know, cool?

But  apparently for the womyn it's all about status. Also, women are apparently extremely stupid. According to the going-his-own-way-dude Iron John:

Womyn are focused always on two things 1) The immediate situation, as they lack foresight and hindsight, 2) Immediate foodchain. So when they find themselves in a night club they are looking for immediate indications of status. What do they see? A single individual who gets to control the music, lights, etc. They don't see the artists that created this stuff ahead of time, the business men who owns the establishment, or the bankers who collect the profits. The see just one man who appears to be running everything. They can't see anything else so to them it does not exist. Since that one man is in control of their immediate environment he MUST be the, "alpha male". And we all know what girls think of him.

Yeah, that must be it. That's why, whenever they get on a bus, women immediately start throwing themselves at the bus driver. He's driving the thing! Obvious Alpha!  Or why when they go to a convenience store, they throw themselves at the clerk. He controls access to the shriveled hot dogs and lottery tickets! Obvious Alpha! Or why, whenever they get into elevators, they throw themselves at the elevator buttons. They control where the elevator goes! Obvious Alpha.

I just wish I understood women as well as these guys.


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Friday, January 28, 2011

Off-topic Friday: Rick Ross tries to remember what geese are called.

Why yes, that IS my head. I'm wearing my head.
So this has basically zilch to do with the topic of this blog, but I've been sort of obsessed lately with Rick Ross. Not the famous drug dealer, but the Miami rapper who borrowed his name. Now, I know that Ross' schtick is vaguely ludicrous: he raps mainly about being a big-time drug dealer and spending insane amounts of money. He's actually a former prison guard; it's not clear if he's ever sold a kilo of coke.

But somehow I can't stop listening to him. The songs of his that are currently on heavy rotation in my apartment (and in my head) are BMF (Blowin' Money Fast) and MC Hammer off his latest album. They're essentually two versions of the same song with different lyrics. The first is, well, about selling dope. And spending insane amounts of money. The second is about being ... MC Hammer. And selling dope. And spending insane amounts of money. It contains the following couplet:

I got 30 cars, whole lot of dancers
I take them everywhere, I'm MC Hammer

But that's not what I'm here to tell you about. What I do want to bring to your attention is an interview with him I ran across on It's, well, a little odd. Consider this exchange:

How's life in Miami?

Rick Ross : Ah, it’s wonderful. I’m currently in New York City, it’s 20 degrees… it feels like it. My nose feels like it. But two days ago I was in my briefs, in the pool, palm trees, I saw like -- not ducks flying over me, but something else. Some other… amphibian… yeah, they be flying over me. Not like a duck or a bird, but something else. Them long-necked things. Geese. Yeah, geese. They look fly when you fly by, you know what I mean?

Well, I suppose technically speaking, geese are amphibious: that is, they can function in water or on land. I'm pretty sure they're birds, though.

Later in the interview he notes how much he loves "that smoke for my mind. I love that smoke for my mind, you know? It inspires me."

Yeah, dude. We can tell.


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lucky McKee at Sundance: The Woman and the White Knight

The Woman
After a midnight showing of horror director Lucky McKee's The Woman at Sundance this past Sunday, right before the scheduled Q and A with the director, one irate moviegoer stood up to denouce the film, the director, and Sundance itself. According to film blogger Drew McWeeny, who was there, the unidentified man shouted:


Ultimately, after a bit more of this sort of ranting, he was escorted out of the theater by security guards. You can read more about the incident, and see a couple of videos that capture its aftermath, here; you can read McKee's response to it all here.

So what's the connection to this blog? At this point, many of my regular MRA and other manosphere readers will no doubt have concluded that I will be joining the irate moviegoer in denouncing McKee's alleged misogyny. If so, this will not be the first time (or even the first time today) that they have been utterly and completely wrong.

No, It's because the incident provides such a clear example of a "White Knight" in action: someone who seems to think that women are delicate flowers that he, as a man, needs to protect from images of women being brutalized.

MRAs and other manosphere men love to denounce feminist men as "White Knights." And sometimes they are justified in their complaints: there are men who consider themselves feminists who  do indeed put women on a pedestal, and who talk about women as if their shit smells like roses. But that's not really feminism; it's a patronizingly traditional view of women masquerading as feminism. Real feminists don't pretend that women don't have flaws. White Knights do.* Real feminists don't assume that women are too sensitive and delicate to see harsh images. White Knights do.

The irony of the kerfuffle at Sundance is that McKee is about as far from a misogynist as any director I know. Though, as far as I know, McKee doesn't actually call himself a feminist, his films reflect a subtle, nuanced, and sympathetic view of women -- at their best and, just as importantly, at their worst -- that can only be called feminist. As McWeeny notes, McKee's

sensitivity towards his actresses, and the perspective each of his films takes, is practically political.  He returns to themes of power inequality and gender struggle, and he externalizes his subtext.  He has been consistent in his interests, and as a result, he hasn't been making $50 million studio films.

His films May and The Woods, and his Masters of Horror episode "Sick Girl" all center around female lead characters. But he doesn't, as a real "white knight" would do, portray women as angels or innocent victims. No, he portrays them as, well, human beings. That is, as messy and complicated characters with flaws and evil impulses.

In May, while he is empathetic towards weirdo loner May, he also makes clear she's out of her fucking mind, a creepy stalker and a violent sociopath to boot; she's both the protgonist and the villain of the film. Nor does he portray men as mindless evil thugs: in Roman -- which he wrote,  but which was directed by his frequent collaborator Angela Bettis, who played the lead in May -- he plays, er, Roman, another strange outcast and creepy stalker, and manages to render him quite sympathetic, despite the fact that the socially stunted,  sexually and romantically frustrated character (SPOILER ALERT -- highlight to read) actually kills a woman while trying to rape her early on in the film. 

In The Woods, a more mainstream horror film, McKee portrays the almost-all-female world of a private girl's school in the 1960s; he does a marvellous job getting into the head of the troubled girl at the center of the film, and plays with female stereotypes in a way that challenges and surprises the viewer. (I'm being deliberately vague here so as not to give too much away.) The villains in the film? All female.

Still, I can see how a less-than-careful viewer might get the impression that McKee hates women: many of his female characters, both women and girls, are crazy, violent, and sometimes simply evil; he isn't afraid to show women being brutalized -- or brutalizing others. In this view, if you portray a female character as evil, you therefore think all women are inherently evil; if you portray violence against women you aid and abet real-world brutalizers of women.

That's the essential complaint of one putatively feminist critic on Pajiba, Dustin Rowles, who saw The Woman at Sundance:

The more images of sexualized and subjugated women we see, the less likely things are going to improve. They perpetuate steretypes about women. Lucky McKee’s The Woman is the perfect example of this.

Correction: Rowles saw PART of the film at Sundance, then walked out:

I’m certain that, like many rape-revenge fantasies, the men get their commuppance in the end, both the father and his son, who has taken after his father. I wouldn’t know — I couldn’t make it past the scene where the woman is power washed.

Criticizing a film without watching the ending -- particularly a horror film based around a rape-revenge plot -- is a bit like criticizing a joke without hearing the punchline.

Now, again, I haven't seen even a minute of The Woman either, so maybe it is really a long exercise in violent misogyny. Given McKee's past work, and the nature of the complaints against the film, this seems about as unlikely as Sarah Palin sprouting wings, reading a book, and/or endorsing a handgun ban.

What really strikes me is that the complaints directed at The Woman are similar to those directed against numerous other horror films in the past, particularly those centered around rape and revenge, like the notorious low-budget shocker I Spit On Your Grave, which inspired a infamously indignant, and rather White-Knighty, column from Roger Ebert that completely and utterly missed the point of the film. It was, he wrote,

a movie so sick, reprehensible and contemptible that I can hardly believe it's playing in respectable theaters. ... an expression of the most diseased and perverted darker human natures, Because it is made artlessly, It flaunts its motives: There is no reason to see this movie except to be entertained by the sight of sadism and suffering. As a critic, I have never condemned the use of violence in films if I felt the filmmakers had an artistic reason for employing it. "I Spit on Your Grave" does not. It is a geek show.

Ebert was angry about the brutal and graphic sexual violence directed at the female lead in the first part of the film -- that is, before she sets out on her (brutal, graphic, violent) revenge against the men who brutalized her. Never mind that the central plot of, say, your typical Western movie features a hero who has to endure horrific violence and pain before exacting his revenge at the end -- and that this formula has produced a vast library of amazing films.

Ebert rightly considers The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to be a "masterpiece." You may recall some of the crazy and brutal shit Clint Eastwood's Blondie had to endure in that film -- you know, like that walk through the desert that left his skin looking like pulled pork. Why is violence against men, in the context of a revenge drama, artistically justified, while violence against women, also in the context of a revenge drama, not?

By allowing its brutalized heroine the same chance for revenge that Westerns offered many generations of heroes, I Spit On Your Grave is, while hardly a great film, a feminist one. Indeed, it offers one of the most memorable depictions of what has come to be known as "the final girl," a character familiar to horror movie fans -- that is, the one victim, invariably female, who manages, through wily evasions and sheer force of will, to survive the assaults of the monster or psycho at the center of the film. Here's how feminist film critic Carol J. Clover described her in the legendary essay "Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film," which first introduced the notion of the"final girl" to film criticism:

The image of the distressed female most likely to linger in memory is the image of the one who did not die: the survivor, or Final Girl. She is the one who encounters the mutilated bodies of her friends and perceives the full extent of the preceding horror and of her own peril; who is chased, cornered, wounded; whom we see scream, stagger, fall, rise, and scream again. She is abject terror personified. If her friends knew they were about to die only seconds before the event, the Final Girl lives with the knowledge for long minutes or hours. She alone looks death in the face; but she alone also finds the strength either to stay the killer long enough to be rescued (ending A) or to kill him herself (ending B). She is inevitably female.

Halloween 2: Final Girl in action
As Clover notes, in some horror films, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween, the final girl merely endures; in others, like A Nightmare on Elm Street, she triumphs. Most of these final girls don't start out as badass in the slightest; if anything, they tend to be nerdy, awkward introverts. The brutality they endure is necessary to understand their transformations.

"Protecting" female film characters from violence also "protects" them from having agency in their own stories. Portraying them as free of evil thoughts and urges is similarly patronizing and ultimately disempowering. Women in the real world aren't angels, and there's nothing feminist about portraying them as such. Like McKee, most feminists are well aware of this.  True "White Knights" -- male or female -- do the women they hope to uplift a disservice, treating them as one-dimensional characters in some simplistic morality play. Women, like men, deserve better than that.


* This is not to say that we should overlook the simple fact that women are more likely to be brutalized by men than vice versa -- that men commit far more violent crimes and sexual assaults against women than women do against men, that men cause the majority of serious injuries associated with domestic violence. Women, like men, have violent impulses. But they are less likely than men to act upon them in ways that seriously damage others, male or female. To point this out is to recognize reality; it is not a case of White Knighting.


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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

The Spearhead: You don't have to be crazy to post here, but it helps. Scratch that: You DO have to be crazy.

Don't ever say this to the guys at The Spearhead
These days I mostly ignore the people who attack me and this blog online, because I'm sick of internet drama and have no interest in stirring that particular sort of shit. But there's one discussion going on at the moment that I think is worth mentioning, because it provides as interesting snapshot of the manosphere at the current moment.

Over on The Spearhead, a certain MRA who used to comment here at great length is suggesting that Spearheaders tone down their rhetoric so that "a site called" won't quote them and, by exposing their crazy talk to the light of day, possibly make the men's rights movement look bad.

Never mind that the regulars at The Spearhead aren't all MRAs and I don't identify them as such. That's not the point. The point is this:

The person making the suggestion is Eoghan. And his mild and in fact quite sensible suggestion has not gone over well with the locals. Indeed, one of the regulars, SingleDad,compared him to "a Jewish person in Germany telling all the others who are complaining about their fears as they are loaded on the trains headed for the concentration camp to quiet down or the Nazi’s might get angry." Another added, "I won’t make you wet your panties by calling you a mangina, especially since you seem to be either a doofus or a cunt."

After a bit more back and forth, SingleDad came back with what can only be called a direct threat:

You sir are a traiter to your gender. ..  You would hold our hands as they lead us into the gas chamber.

Your a collaborator. You know what men do to collaborators, right?

Expect the same from me. Count on it.

Again, SingleDad isn't talking about me. He's talking about Eoghan. Eoghan! As anyone who has been reading the comments on this blog for any length of time is well aware, Eoghan is about as far from a feminist as you can get; indeed, he's a dyed-in-the-wool MRA ideologue, and I actually banned him here some time ago because of his consistently disruptive behavior. But because he challenges not what they say but the way they say it, the guys at The Spearhead evidently see him as some sort of fem-symp if not the equivalant of a Nazi collaborator.

Naturally, all of Eoghan's posts have been heavily downvoted by the regulars, and the attacks on him, including SingleDad's threat, have gotten multiple upvotes. 

I'm not going to post a bunch more comments from this surreal "debate." Obviously you all can head over and read the whole thing if you like. But I thought this one, from Poester00 and actually directed at me, was kind of telling:

Mr Manboobz is a low down slime, using comments posted here by third parties and NOT articles to attack this site.

Since I don’t think he is stupid and he’s extremely persistent at what he’s doing, it’s highly probable that he is either:
- being paid to continue by some interested third party with deep pockets, or
- is a victim of systematic child abuse by his mother or other female relative(s), so has been “Joe Bidened”

It may be just a “job” to him but his words are supporting the hurting of real people. People will remember his words and what goes around comes around.

What goes around comes around?

Poester99, I'm not quite sure you understand the concept of karma.

Here's what I did: I quoted some repugnant shit some dudes said on a web site, and made some sarcastic remarks about these comments.

Here's what you did: you falsely accused my mother of child abuse.

I'm having a really hard time seeing how I'm the bigger asshole in this scenario.

Also: the paid shill thing? Not true. But if some "interested third party with deep pockets" wants to empty these pockets into my bank account, and won't interfere with what I write in any way, I'd like to suggest that  they contact me, like, right now.


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Dating Advice from the Boobz

Discussions of dating on The Spearhead? Pure comedy gold. So here are some more highlights from the Internet dating thread I talked about in my last post.

Let's start with a comment so delightfully loopy I went ahead and screencapped it, for no good reason. Nergal suggested that women over 40 weren't worth dating. Another commenter challenged him on this, which resulted in this response:

Now, granted, I've never actually seen deflated balloons half-filled with cottage cheese, but I, er, have  seen recent photos of Jennifer Aniston topless. And I'm guessing there isn't really much resemblance. Anyone else thinking of that line in 40 Year-Old Virgin in which Andy compares a woman's breast to a bag of sand? Seriously, if you're going to throw Jennifer Aniston out of your bed, do it because of The Bounty Hunter. Or Love Happens. Or The Break-up. Or Marley And Me. Or All About Steve. (Oh, wait, that was Sandra Bullock.)

Meanwhile, The Man On The Street attacked evil women for deceiving men by wearing makeup:

Women’s supposed integrity, empathy, and virtue has been proven time and time again to be a farce. A mask. Just as the phony paint (made of foreskin and feotus’) that many women use to fool silly beta types into believing the false front of beauty.

Herbal Essence -- not to be confused with the shampoo of the same name -- lamented that "online dating is a female candyland of power trips, validation-seeking, and ego boosts," and related how he totally put down some dumb broad he met online. I would bet good money that whatever happened between Herbal and his alleged date did not actually go down this way:

I once had a 2 month-long relationship with a girl. She flaked once without explanation (the third date) and I told her very politely but firmly not to do it again. She did it again three weeks later, and I sent her a text that said “You’re dumped.” Two hours later, I had a hysterically crying girl on my doorstep, begging for my forgiveness. I told her “In the age of cell phones there is simply no excuse to disrespect my time like that. Go home.” and shut the door in her face.

Big Daddy from Cincinnati, the author of the post that started the discussion, added a few more thoughts. including this bit of advice:

For the purpose of finding pump-and-dumps, don’t mention anything that sounds like conservative political views in your profile. The ones most likely to let you lick it and stick it will think you are an asshole if you espouse these views, no matter how logical you are in presenting them. Getting nookie is an emotional, not logical, process. Deal with it.

Yeah. I'm sort of thinking that a guy who uses the phrases "pump and dump" and "lick it and stick it" will set off asshole warning alarms in most women even if he doesn't start blabbing on and on about how much he loves Glenn Beck. Interesting, though, how women wearing makeup is an evil act of deception, but a dude trying to conceal his retrograde political leanings is a-ok.

Firepower wins the award for brevity with this little gem of misogyny:

Playing hollowed-out courtship rituals with single-mom manatees stoked with anti-depressants (mainly SSRIs) is no great calling for a man.

But WGMOW wins some points for managing to compare women on dating sites to two different animals at once:

[M]ost of the women on the “serious” dating sites tend to look like elephants and/or have the intellect of a howler money. But they’ve been schooled by the dating industry to believe that they are beautiful on the inside, and that you, as a man, are shallow if you can’t sense their inner beauty. However, don’t expect one of these monsters to look for your inner handsomeness, only your wallet. Despite the fact that they claim to be strong and independent, they are just looking for a man who can “Support them in the style I’m entitled to.”

Keyster suggested that any man who decides to go ahead and date one of these SSRI-taking elephant-manatee-monkey women should make sure to illegally record their sexual encounters so he won't be accused of breaking any laws:

[I]f you insist on persuing pooh-tang for fun, ALWAYS have a recording device rolling. Preferrably a video camera. You don’t want your life ruined by a bitter revenge seeking shrew. Remember all they have to do is dial three numbers 9, 1 and 1, and you’re screwed for life. Protect yourself!

I'll end this little compilation with the always-quotable Peter-Andrew:Nolan(c), who attacks women for ... not wanting to have sex with robots. Seriously.

You women endlessly moan on about how terrible us men are. Yet how much are you spending on creating your ideal robotic men? NOT ONE CENT. Why? Because you don’t want the man, you want what the man provides. Today measured in money. No-one is going to pay a robotic man to work so he won’t bring you what you so clearly want. MONEY.

On the other hand? How much money are MEN spending on robotic women? LOTS. And why are they doing so? Because they percieve that there is a MASSIVE market for robotic women. Why? Because they will be EASILY preferable to the VAST MAJORITY of real women. For a start they will have an OFF BUTTON.

Something tells me that when the sexy robot ladies arrive at last, there will be men on the internet complaining about what a bunch of bitches they are.


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Monday, January 24, 2011

How to get downvoted on The Spearhead: Internet Dating Edition

Spearhead readers: Not actually as cool as Fonzie.
When sites enable users to upvote and downvote comments and posts, the rationale is generally that it improves discussion and filters out trolls. In practice, this is almost never the case; instead, the up and down arrows offer the majority a way to reward those who simply rehash the party line and punish those who dare suggest anything even remotely challenging. This punishment is accentuated on sites on which dissenters who are downvoted beyond a certain threshold see their comments literally vanish, unless readers click a special link to make them visible again.

We've seen in the past the sorts of things that get massively upvoted on The Spearhead. A comment suggesting that "a woman’s vagina/body is her one and only asset" got, at last count, 58 upvotes and only 4 downvotes. Comments suggesting that women are "parasites," "dumb as bricks," incapable of logic or empathy each got dozens of upvotes and only a handful of downvotes, as did comments suggesting that women should never have been given the right to vote.  Heck, one recent comment suggesting that Daniel Hernandez was "a traitor to men" for helping to save Gabrielle Giffords' life got twice as many upvotes as downvotes. (As I pointed out in a recent post, there were actually a number of comments in that vein; they all got more upvotes than downvotes)

So if these sorts of comments get upvoted, the question arises: what sort of horrible, beyond-the-pale nuttiness actually invites downvotes on the site? Well, in a recent guest posting there, someone calling himself Big Daddy From Cincinnati offered some (not really very good) internet dating advice for the misogynist masses. Along the way he opined that "women are amoral creatures, flakes, and they will reject you for anything, everything, nothing, the phase of the moon, or who knows what. They will lead you on and waste your time ... . "

While most commenters seemed to agree with this characterization of the ladies, one anonymous gal suggested instead that:

Yep, you can practically hear the Spearhead guys furiously downvoting that bit of heresy. What an outlandish opinion, clearly the work of an evil, misandrist troll! Probably a lesbian, too. I mean, what kind of crazy man-hating monster would she have to be not to be utterly smitten by the Spearhead men?


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tee Shirt Time

Inspired by these guys, I'm thinking of offering some Man Boobz t-shirts, and possibly some other cool blog swag, either through CafePress or one of its competitors. I'll either sell them at cost or donate whatever meager profits I make to some deserving charity.

My plan is to use some quotes from the boobs, maybe add some clever graphics. (One slogan per shirt.) So far here are some possibilities, and links to where they're from:

We hunted the mammoth to feed you

Don’t ever let a woman know your name, city or profession.

No sperm, no peace

Pussy cartel

And, from our good friend Yohan, referring to me:

On the brink of idiotism

Let me know what you think of these. And if you have some favorite quotes I haven't listed, post them below (with URL if you can track it down). The comments section here is fair game for quotes too.

Suggest away!

Also, if you've had experience with CafePress or one of its alternatives, let me know if it was good or bad. Thanks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leech Women in the Food Court of Doom

Women in search of prey.
Back by popular demand, here's more Nightstorm. We've already heard his theories about the Mousetrap vagina. Now we see his nightmare vision of ... men and women going shopping at the mall. Of course, I hate shopping with women -- and, for that matter, men -- as much as the next guy, but Nightstorm takes it to a whole other level:

Imagine a man who is walking in the mall. Browsing. Through the food stores figuring out what to eat. As he stands there pondering, the camera pans left to reveal his back. Mounted and glued is the fattest moda fucking slug you ever seen! It has no form but that of a leach and you could almost mistake it for a backpack.

The slug whispers things in the mans ear. The man smiles. The slug then begins to direct the man where to go while sucking on the mans neck, draining of him of his life force.

Suddenly another male who is in the mall, also browsing for food comes by. He too, has this same slug like creature on his back. Both males converse in conversation while the 2 slugs look absolutely hostile towards one another. They cling harder to their host and begin to hiss at one another, afraid it will steal its host and leave it hang to dry.

Yes, the entire livelyhood of the slug is at risk,so it hisses at the other ready to bite its head off. Soon it whispers to the man it doesn't want to eat here, and that's how men part ways because there gf told them to.

Wasn't this a David Cronenberg movie?

Seriously, Nightstorm, stop wasting your time on MGTOW websites and start churning out scripts for horror movies. I would totally watch this shit, and I'm not even kidding. You've got a GIFT, son!


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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Mousetrap Vagina

We return again to a young up-and-comer on NiceGuy's MGTOW forum, a fellow calling himself Nightstorm. Though a proud virgin, Nightstorm has some highly advanced theories about vaginas and the women who host them:

Its almost like a mouse trap is on a womans vagina, where when a men has to carefully insert his penis hoping not to spring the trap. If he is successful, he gets a free ride. If he is like most men, unsucessful, the trap springs, claps his penis into the vagina of the woman, and soon poisnous venom streams from her vagina and injects itself into the male genital.

This poison then creeps into the male brain and literally makes him stupid, it shuts down his intellect, and activates all his hormones for more pussy. She's got the bastard. Now she can slowly but surely take all his wealth and keep pumping more poison into him. The man feels trapped, he can't remove his penis from the vagina for the life of him, but he enjoys that pussy, so he continues to let himself get robbed.

Emphasis added.

It's astounding that he's able to discern so much about vaginas despite having had no actual contact with them since the moment of his birth.

Luckily for him, and luckily for the women of the world, Nightstorm has no plans to acquire any hands-on (or, more precisely, penis-in) experience with vaginas in the near future. In a later comment, he spells out some of the reasons for his continued abstinence (besides the whole poison-mousetrap thing): fear of STDs, fear of pregnancy, and fear of, well, this scenario:

if she was a virgin, how I would have to deal with the hassle of possible bleeding. Its not so hott when I make her spew red and white blood cells all over the sheets and doing it in the bathtub would required poor foreplay and not comfortable or roomy space. If she is a heavy weight girl, then there goes my bathtub, broken.

And if if, say, he's somehow able to avoid the perils of STDs, pregnancy, icky blood and a broken bathtub, then what?

Well, then I would have to deal with her wanting more in the relationship, such as meeting her family, or perhaps even paying her for it, or her expecting some sort of "favor" in return for sex which we both equally enjoyed. 

Yeah, nothing ruins a nice evening of dipping your penis in a bloody, poison-infused mousetrap like the owner of said mousetrap asking you to meet her parents. 

EDITED TO ADD: Sometimes people complain that I focus on the weird fringes of the MGTOW world. Thing is, within the MGTOW world, these things aren't regarded as weird or fringey. Indeed, one of the comments I quoted above from Nightstorm was just highlighted on MarkyMark's blog as an example of MGTOW thinking at its finest:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: we truly have some of the BEST & BRIGHTEST men in the world on there [that is, on NicGuy's MGTOW forum]!  What you're about to read will provide yet more proof of that.

Anyway, NowhereMan & Nightstorm were discussing CNN piece about how men supposedly have the upper hand in sexual matters.  What they say is gold, pure gold!  It's stuff that my boys should read and heed. ...

Even if you're not religious, there are PRACTICAL reasons for avoiding sex with women.  The most important of these is to keep your power.  Sex is a woman's 'nuclear option'; take that away, and you take away a woman's power over you. 


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beware the jackbooted feminazi marriage thugs!

The denizens of the Happy Bachelors forum, always alert for possible threats to their Happy Bachelorhood, seem to have discovered a new one: Evil feminists "enslav[ing] men through forced marriage."

That might sound a bit like the plot of an old episode of Futurama, but apparently the threat is all too real. Artbunker sounded the alarm in a recent posting:

What if women and manginias in power pass a law to make men marry with women?

Hear him out, guys:

[M]ore and more guys are truly waking up to the no marriage to Western Women concept. It's a small but growing fact. We already know feminist have made it harder fro Eastern European women to come over here and probably in other countries as well.

If they can get laws passed for that how much longer till they start going after single men? How much longer till they want to make sure single women with kids are paired with single men for "the betterment of the children?" because the single man makes a good wage to support her and her family.

Why would this be necessary, you may ask. Aren't there a lot of simps and manginias doing this already, of their own volition?

Sure there still a lot of simps and manginias that dont mind doing this already without a law sure. But we know these women really want guys who have the economic power to provide them the lifestyle they want. A lot of simps and manginias today cannot provide that for them .They want the guys with the big checks whom they know wont chose them.

Yes, all the fantastically wealthy movers and shakers who spend all their time trading stories about how evil women are on the MGTOW message boards of America.

Longshot39 suggested one (somewhat familiar) way to resist the jackbooted feminazi marriage thugs:

A man with any sense could still refuse to marry, at least in the traditional sense. Just get another MGTOW friend and marry them, like was said in another thread. Even if a person were required by law to live in the same house, having your friend as a roommate would still be a HUGE improvement over being forced to marry some womb turd with little thuglits.

To be sure, not everyone on the Happy Bachelors forum is convinced such a danger is imminent. The always logical spocksdisciple responded:

There won't be forced marriage, as women want the earning power of the beta but 'gina tingle factor of the thug/bad boy. Instead what the gov't will do is simply start to garnish the wages of single men with selective taxation and "fees."

And if any men resist the New Girl Order by not earning enough, well, naturally they'll just be forced into labor camps:

These labor camps would come into existence under some economic pretext set up by gov't. One such pretext is that unemployed or underemployed people(ie men) of a certain age range say 18-40, would be very useful to the government as labor for various federal projects. ...

Of course women would be exempt because they'll have some beta or stooge on standby for marriage and they would claim "gender oppression" should women be inducted into such camps. ...

These camps would be run under the auspices of FEMA and would be painted to be "emergency support facilities", note that some form of this type of forced and indentured labor already as come back in the form in prison chain gangs which were all but abolished by the 1950s-60s but made a comeback in the late 90s.

But hey, still beats being married -- amirite, fellas?

All joking aside, I feel that one thing we can all agree upon here at Man Boobz is that the fine gentlemen at Happy Bachelors should not be marrying anyone any time soon, either voluntarily or as a result of evil feminist legislation. So I ask the women reading this post now to pledge publicly, in a comment below, that they personally will not marry anyone on the Happy Bachelors forum, even if they are required by law to do so.


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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

Oh, Yahoo Answers, must you be so ...

... Yahoo Answers-ish? (Link.)

(This is what you get when you idly type "all women are whores" into Google to see what turns up.)


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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is Jared Loughner a misogynist? Does anyone care?

We'll probably never know exactly what toxic mixture of emotions and beliefs led Jared Loughner to gun down Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others, killing six; there is obviously a lot going on in that shaved head of his. But did misogyny play a role in his choice of target?

It's an important question. But it's one the media has by and large chosen to ignore, despite a number of clues that seem pretty clearly to confirm that Loughner, the attempted assassin of a female politician, held deeply misogynist views.

As I pointed out in a previous post, Loughner made seemingly misogynist comments online, as the Wall Street Journal noted, and investigators reportedly found the phrase "Die Bitch" scrawled in Loughner's handwriting on a letter Giffords' office sent to him. Now, buried near the end of a long profile of Loughner in the New York Times, we hear about the impression Loughner made on the employees of a local bank:

At a small local branch of a major bank, for example, the tellers would have their fingers on the alarm button whenever they saw him approaching.

It was not just his appearance — the pale shaved head and eyebrows — that unnerved them. It was also the aggressive, often sexist things that he said, including asserting that women should not be allowed to hold positions of power or authority.

One individual with knowledge of the situation said Mr. Loughner once got into a dispute with a female branch employee after she told him that a request of his would violate bank policy. He brusquely challenged the woman, telling her that she should not have any power.

“He was considered to be short-tempered and made people at the bank very uncomfortable,” said the individual, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss the matter.

Emphasis added.

If this report is true, and Loughner really feels that women should not be in positions of power, it's hard to see how these beliefs could not have influenced his seeming obsession with a female politician, an obsession which ended in mass murder.

So why is this issue not at the center of discussion of Loughner's actions? So far, only a handful of commenters, most notably Amanda Marcotte, have even taken up the issue. (For more on this, see Jezebel's discussion of the misogyny discussion.)

In Slate, Tom Scocca notes the evidence suggesting that Loughner is a misogynist, and asks, quite reasonably:

Suppose the story said that Loughner "grew contemptuous of Jews" and went around "asserting that Jews should not be allowed to hold positions of power or authority," even blurting anti-Semitic remarks to strangers. And then he went out and shot Giffords, a Jewish congressperson. Would his motives have seemed quite so incomprehensible? ...

Yet as it is, there are only glancing and scattered references to Loughner's burning hatred of the kind of person he would allegedly choose to try to assassinate.

As I've said before, misogyny has consequences. Unfortunately, too few in the media seem to want to even admit it's part of the story.


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Inflatable women: As dangerous as real ones?

Beautiful, but deadly.
Be careful out there, fellas, as you make your way in the brave new post-woman world. Sure, it goes without saying that sexy robot ladies will soon replace real women, and obviously that's great news for all of us, except perhaps for human females, who don't really count anyway. But approach with caution; some sex toys artificial female companions can be downright dangerous. Case in point: A recent news story on from Australia which suggests that inflatable women can be as treacherous as real ones.

A bizarre decision to ride an inflatable doll down a flood-swollen Yarra River in Australia blew up in a woman’s face yesterday when she lost her latex playmate in a rough patch.

The incident prompted a warning from police that blow-up sex toys are "not recognized flotation devices’’.

Police and a State Emergency Services crew were called to the rescue when the woman and a man, both 19, struck trouble at Warrandyte North about 4.30 p.m. Tuesday.

They were floating down the river on two inflatable dolls and had just passed the Pound Bend Tunnel when the woman lost her toy in turbulent water.

She clung to a floating tree, calling for help while the man stayed with her. Fortunately for the pair, a passer-by called triple zero while while a kayaker took life jackets to the pair. Police and the SES crew hauled the water-logged thrillseekers to safety.

Clearly, this is a case of attempted murder. No doubt the young man was the real intended target.

The most ominous part of the report. The final paragraph:

"The fate of the inflatable dolls is unknown," said Senior Constable Wilson.

In other words, the dolls are still out there, biding their time, just waiting for another opportunity to wreak their vengeance on the human world!


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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How feminism accidentally liberates teh menz!

Charles Atlas is sick of this shit.
It seems I have been suffering from a misapprehension. I have been assuming that pretty much every single last guy in the Men Going Their Own Way crowd just hates, hates HATES feminism. But apparently I am wrong, and some of them -- well, at least one of them -- really loves, loves LOVES it. That guy calls himself womanhater, and he recently posted about his deep appreciation for feminism on the MGTOW proboards forum.

Brace yourself, because there are a few gigantic logical zigs and zags coming here.

Womanhater starts off his post with a bold, contrarian statement:

We ghosters have been falsely accused of hating feminism. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, feminism has been the greatest liberation of men since the end of feudalism.

Whaaaaaa!? How so, womanhater?

In the past, men obtained employment and pursued a career. This involved soul crushing conformity, precious hours of our lives spent in inhuman working conditions supporting unconscionable corporate interests while paying confiscatory taxes. We were denied sex by fat shrews who had duped us into marrying them with no hope of escape, and we were nagged incessantly by those same diabolical beasts with whom we had to share living quarters.

Soul-crushing conformity! No-sex-having shrews! Sounds like this situation was truly teh suck. So what changed?

Then, it all began to change. The women who had dominated our deeply empty consumerist lives declared us to be the enemy, abandoned their traditional domain of the home, outsourced the raising of children, and began to compete with us for jobs thereby lowering our economic value.

That also sounds like teh suck. But no! in fact, womanhater explains, 

The man-haters like Steinem and Friedan and Dworkin had in fact done us an enormous favor!
We were freed from OUR bondage to the home. We no longer had to work for money solely to provide a home. We no longer had to tolerate nagging cunts who extorted us by manipulating our sexual desire. We were FREE!

Sounds great! Let's round up some hot chicks and have a party!

Oh, wait.

Womanhater continues:

Women have criminalized our showing interest in them and in attempting to engage them sexually. Good! Now we are free to avoid them. They have repeatedly told us how useless we are, and how we are wrong. Fine. They can have the university educations and get the bullshit managerial jobs where they oppress the men who actually do the work. So much the better! They can live in their little townhomes and tend their cats all alone freed from men. And we are now free from having to work in soul crushing corporate environments in order to placate the bitch at home.

All us dudes need to do to take advantage of our new freedom is to deliberately take shit jobs and completely ignore all women.

We can now live off the grid – intentionally avoiding working with or for women. We can make enough money to live frugally and happily on our own, while intentionally earning too little to pay taxes.

Aw yeah! And don't assume just because we take shit jobs that we aren't really the bestest guys in the fucking universe, much better than mere women.

Among our ranks you will find men with the intellect to be engineers and physicians who instead flip burgers and park cars. You will find men with the physical strength and courage and wits to be military leaders and ferocious warriors – who instead of risking their lives for the benefit of a state that hates them, now paint houses or mow lawns. We men have found that we are infinitely more happy alone in a studio apartment or living communally with other men for very little money, than we were killing ourselves to provide a bullshit Brady Bunch lifestyle in the suburbs for the greedy twat.

But, gosh, what will happen to society once all these magnificent dudes take their marbles and go home?

Women and their conspirators in the halls of power will soon find out ... When men are no longer willing to work at the level needed to finance the social programs that favor women, what will happen? When men are no longer willing to enlist in the military to become amputees for the benefit of a state that despises them and to make the world safe for corporate looting, what will happen? When men simply fade away, own nothing, contribute nothing, and merely watch smiling as the world burns, what will happen?

My brothers, we are soon to find out!

OMFG! It's almost as though -- bear with me for a moment here while I work out this metaphor. It's almost as though these dudes are like Atlas -- not Charles Atlas, silly, you know, that Greek dude -- holding up the world, and then all of a sudden they say "screw you guys, I'm going home." And then everyone is like, oh noe! What's going to happen to the world! And then the dudes are all like, *shrug.* Not my problem! C-ya, suckers!

That is such a perfect metaphor. Much better than anything some dumb bitch could come up with. You guys are totally free to use it if you like.


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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The ugly diva crisis ... solved!

She's out of your league, pal!
You may recall a little ditty from days gone by called "If you wanna be happy." The song, the one hit of one-hit-wonder Jimmy Soul, was a song with a message for men in love. That message? Well, if my mere mentioning of the song hasn't already gotten it stuck in your head, let me remind you of its basic thesis:

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife
So from my personal point of view
Get an ugly girl to marry you

Why is this? Well, put simply, pretty women are entitled bitches who will ruin your life and break your heart, while ugly women will be so grateful for your attention that they'll treat you well and prepare meals in a timely fashion:

A pretty woman makes her husband look small
And very often causes his downfall
As soon as he married her and then she starts
To do the things that will break his heart

But if you make an ugly woman your wife
A-you'll be happy for the rest of your life
An ug-a-ly woman cooks meals on time
And she'll always give you peace of mind

By "piece of mind," I believe Mr. Soul is referring to "blowjobs."

But, alas, this simple formula for male happiness has been rendered ineffective. And it's all the fault of evil manginas. A fellow called Lincoln, posting on NiceGuy's MGTOW forum, reports that these dastardly woman-worshipping half-men have upset the old order by actively pursuing ugly women and making them think they're all that. The horror! All this mangina attention has given

even the most ugliest man faced mountain beasts [an] overinflated sense of their own self-importance, and the net result is the most repulsive, vile, and ill-tempered skanks you could ever meet. Even now I can't understand it, I can't even look at these women much less want to bang them, but there it is. It's already a given that the really attractive ones will of course behave the same way, but if even the ugliest ones behave like prima donnas, who's left?

It seems an unsolvable dilemma. But Lincoln believes he's found a way out: amputees.

The ideal is to find a beautiful woman that no mangina wants. it's possible, but they usually have some kind of trait that puts men off for sometimes the fucking stupidest reason. One example was this one armed woman I knew of once. She had lost her arm in a car accident, and she was the sweetest, most kindest girl you could have met, but for some reason guys weren't lining up the door for her. Stupid. If I ran across her again I wouldn't hesitate to ask her out.

Love will always find a way.

If you now need to get "If you wanna be happy" out of your head, this ought to do it:


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Roxxxy and the Sexbotapocalypse

Roxxxy puts the moves on some dude.
In a recent post, we learned that flesh-and-blood women only have about ten years left before they are made obsolete by sexy lady robots. Just so you ladies know what you're up against, here are some videos showing what state-of-the art sexy lady robots can do already. As you can see, Roxxxy here, a sexbot from True Companion LLC, can turn her head like Linda Blair in the Exorcist and mechanically banter with non-robot men using a variety of canned phrases that sound a lot like what a perpetually dateless non-robot man might imagine a sexy lady would say if ever one deigned to speak to him. And, as you can see in the second video, she can wiggle seductively. So you non-robotic gals better step up your game, and fast, if you want to survive the sexbotapocalypse.


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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A different kind of flapper

Not the kind of flapper we're talking about.
So I'm over at the Boycott American Women blog, reading a post by someone describing himself as an "angry black American man." It starts off clearly enough ("There is WAY TOO many of the MISS THANG type type in america"), and continues on to make a fairly standard argument to the effect that American women are stuck-up narcissists who will end up "alone an bitter." (To be fair, that description applies to a lot of us guys as well.)

But it's the grand conclusion that leaves me a little baffled:

its a growing trend among the women to act like tryant like cunt flaps.

Uh, what flaps?

I wondered if this was some sort of slang I hadn't heard about. But Urban Dictionary seems to confirm that the term "cunt flaps" does indeed mean, er, what it seems to mean, i.e., labia that hang down like flaps.

So what does it mean to say that women are acting "like tryant like cunt flaps."

Is there a typo here, a word missing, or what? I assume that by "tryant" he actually means "tyrant," but that's really the least of our problems here.

Did he mean that women are acting like tyrants, and that they are also acting like cunt flaps? (Which raises the question: How exactly does one act like cunt flaps?)

Did he mean that women are acting as though tyrants like cunt flaps? (Which raises the question: is there something about ruling a country with an iron fist that leads one to be drawn to larger-than-average labia?)

Or maybe I'm totally wrong about the "tyrant" thing. Maybe he's saying that women are trying to act like cunt flaps. (Which, again, huh?)

I remain baffled.


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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ten years, ladies. Then the sexy lady robots will make you obsolete.

Ladies: Here is your nemesis.
Too much bad news on this blog of late. So today I bring you some truly good news for modern man. Not so much for the ladies, though. Apparently you gals are on the verge of becoming obsolete.

Or so says the fellow calling himself PatRiarchy -- clever! -- one of the unwitting contestants in Feministe’s Next Top Troll contest. Yep, flesh-and-blood ladies, watch out, because sexy lady robots are on the way:

Soon we men will no longer have any need of you at all and females will die out. By 2020 there will be the first full functioning android released onto the market. To be politically correct it will be a female. But economically it will be female becasue men would be prepared to pay a once off cost for never having to compromise and she would never take his kids. She can look like any female he wants and to his exact specifications. She will have great physical strength. Every piece of information ever recorded in human history at her fingertips. Including the Karma Sutra.

Yep, the Karma Sutra. It's a lot like the Kama Sutra, except once you master the Reverse-double-cowgirl-butterfly position you transcend the realm of suffering and escape the cycle of rebirth.

Back to the sexy robot ladies:

She will be better than any natural Western female on Earth. She will be supportive of everything he does. And the cost to keep her is significantly less than any Western female. So as time goes on the investment becomes amortised.

Amortized, bitches! Fucking A. Mort. Ized!

Ok, some of you human ladies must be thinking, will your ability to pop out babies keep you from being consigned to the scrapheap of history? That would be a big no.

Soon we will be able to create and grow perfect male humans in vitro without ever having to worry about what harmful things a mother may ingest.

So there.

The weak perish and you have allowed yourselves to become weak by claiming to be victims and thus claiming privileges whilst never having to be reponsible for your actions. ... When there’s no more mooching off men your fortunes will rapidly change and you will disappear. We’ve carried you for 3.5 MILLION years. Image what we can achieve with all the resouces that are saved from not having to support females. It’s a BRAVE new world dawning girlies and unless you grow up fast and stop whining and get doing you will fail.

Here's an actual photograph of what it was like 3.5 million years ago. As you can see, the Australopithecus dude is doing all the work while the gal, who's not even all that pretty, is dancing around like an idiot.


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