Saturday, January 15, 2011

A different kind of flapper

Not the kind of flapper we're talking about.
So I'm over at the Boycott American Women blog, reading a post by someone describing himself as an "angry black American man." It starts off clearly enough ("There is WAY TOO many of the MISS THANG type type in america"), and continues on to make a fairly standard argument to the effect that American women are stuck-up narcissists who will end up "alone an bitter." (To be fair, that description applies to a lot of us guys as well.)

But it's the grand conclusion that leaves me a little baffled:

its a growing trend among the women to act like tryant like cunt flaps.

Uh, what flaps?

I wondered if this was some sort of slang I hadn't heard about. But Urban Dictionary seems to confirm that the term "cunt flaps" does indeed mean, er, what it seems to mean, i.e., labia that hang down like flaps.

So what does it mean to say that women are acting "like tryant like cunt flaps."

Is there a typo here, a word missing, or what? I assume that by "tryant" he actually means "tyrant," but that's really the least of our problems here.

Did he mean that women are acting like tyrants, and that they are also acting like cunt flaps? (Which raises the question: How exactly does one act like cunt flaps?)

Did he mean that women are acting as though tyrants like cunt flaps? (Which raises the question: is there something about ruling a country with an iron fist that leads one to be drawn to larger-than-average labia?)

Or maybe I'm totally wrong about the "tyrant" thing. Maybe he's saying that women are trying to act like cunt flaps. (Which, again, huh?)

I remain baffled.


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  1. I read this post on his blog the other day...and just *criiiiinged*. I'm glad you put a kinder face to it than I initially did. *shared*

  2. "So what does it mean to say that women are acting "like tryant like cunt flaps." "

    Just hypothesizing here, as I am uncertain what he means himself, but I suspect he intended to say "acting like tyrant-like cunt flaps."

    As you guessed, a cunt flap refers to the labia (I learned this term when my aunt named her cat Puss-flaps, as a double entendre).

    As for what a tyrant-like cunt flap? I personally picture an evil vagina with teeth. Take from it what you will, it is one of those phrases that leaves it's meaning up to your own imagination.

  3. I'll take a stab at it:

    The purpose of the labia is to protect the vagina, into which men are keen to stick their peen. The "cunt flap" is a tyrant because it blocks the vagina from being accessible to all men at all times (only making the vagina more accessible when the woman is, you know, actually aroused). Since men like this think that women are fleshlights with legs, they think that the labia are a cruel tyrant that tries to impede them from easily sexing every woman they see walking down the street.

    I suppose pants and underwear would be similarly tyrannical, or at least tools of oppression, like a fence or a moat. Labia at least belong to a living organism, so they can be ascribed human characteristics, such as tyranny.

  4. on numerous occasions, my lesbian friends had me act like a cunt flap, they would wrap me in plastic and beat me with nerf bats while shouting cuntflap cuntflap cuntflap.

    they said it helped them climax and i'll do anything to help a friend in need.

  5. If I had to guess, the term "cunt flap" is simply a signifier that the writer finds women repugnant and wants to shame women into finding their own bodies revolting as well.

    So, women are tyrants, and also: cooties (or something).

  6. Damn my beautiful and demanding labia!

    How dare I think I'm good, beautiful, smart, and worthy?! Only men are allowed to think such things about me. I must remember to beat myself up more often.

  7. @Choco...

    Wouldn't what you described be a normal cunt-flap? as opposed to a tyrant-like one that is far far more vicious and oppressive?

  8. Davey-boy:

    I love how a thin-skinned freelancer like you lurks other blogs, sanctimoniously cherry-picks them ... and ends up driving more traffic to then than they'd normally get!

    I have to agree with Rex Patriarch's assessment of your blog - "Girly Man Boobz". Bwahahahaha!

  9. Futrella-fellah:

    You go to a Boycott American Women blog and find one guy using the term cunt flap, and you broadcast it on your blog ... with supreme indignation I might add ... but you broadcast it nevertheless. That's pretty tame stuff compared to what the feministas write on their blogs. What's it to you anyway?

    What's your hidden agenda Dave?

  10. Must everything have an agenda other than, you know, amusement? I personally got a good smile out of these attempts to unravel the mystery of the tryant like cunt flaps.

  11. Santo Christoforo,

    This is how free speech works: People have the right to say dumb things in public, and other people have the right to point and laugh and call them dumb. If you've posted stuff on Boycott American Women AND insulted Dave for criticizing it, you've just exercised both rights. *mind blown*

  12. "What's your hidden agenda Dave?"

    I don't think his agenda is hidden at all. In fact, I think it's damn near impossible to look at this site and not immediately discern its agenda. The goal of this blog is not to provide a thorough and nuanced rundown of the men's rights movement, if you want that, go to a -shock- men's rights blog. We here will continue to balk and laugh by turns at the bizarre oddities Dave digs up.

  13. My "hidden agenda" is spelled out in a super-seekret statement I've cunningly hidden under the headline "About Man Boobz" at the top left of every page on my blog.

  14. come for the mini manboobz posts' giggles, stay for gigantic manboobz hilarity in the comments.

    Dave is cherry picking cunt flaps again! Hey how come YOU get to do it Dave? Clear double standard on your own blog. It's not fair that you get to say cunt flaps in your post, but I can't say it in all my comments. Those two things are exactly the same don't don't pull that feminist cunt move of trying to tell me I don't get stuff. Don't shame me with your "false equivalency fallacy" shaming. If I want to say an apple is exactly like an orange in every respect that is NOT any kind of straw man bearing fruit baskets. I am on to you and your hidden agenda.

    Seriously though, one of the funniest things I run in to on the nets is the argument that "you're just drawing more attention" to such and such a thing. They're all out of arguments at that point, what nonsense.

    (Side note my friend g. said the fembot post is truly epic and quoted one of your paragraphs to me. we loled. The "karma sutra", I say when the word butterfly was added after double reverse cowgirl, it transcended to something special. That was some enjoyable hilarity. My friend used the word "epic" and he added, "imagine having a real dad, and a robot mum." )

  15. Somehow "cunt flaps" makes me think of "mud flaps" which leads me straight to "truck nutz."

    So cunt flaps must be an accessory for the manly' man's mondo pickup truck.

    No word yet on what happens if truck nutz and cunt flaps actually touch. Might they spawn? And if so, do they breed true to form, or could they produce a hybrid?

    This just tickled me, David!

  16. Kratch - I think it just means that cunt flaps are naturally tyrannical. Just a redundant statement, like saying "sweet maple syrup" or something.

  17. Choco - what makes you come to that conclusion? If you're going to think the worst case scenario (they he thinks all cunt flaps are tyrannical, or tyrant like, rather then just some), I think there should at least be some justification for that, else, it would seem it's just you projecting your own expectations onto the poster. You want him to be a women hater, so you choose to interpret what he says as such... But wouldn't that make you just as bad? IE: No man can be upset with the way some, even many women act without being hostile to all women... that seems a pretty lousy, even unreasonable way to see men (Shut up and like it or you're a mysogonist). hmm, don't you agree?

    My reasoning for thinking the "tyrant-like" adjective is actually relevant is the first quote David gave ""There is WAY TOO many of the MISS THANG type type in america"", he appears to be referring specifically to these types of women, not all women.
    PS, have you ever tasted maple syrup straight out of the tree? Sweet isn't as redundant as you think

  18. Sort of like dickwad? A genitally contrived insult?

    The sentance made no sense as written, and probably was typed by a stoned 15 year old who would never even say damn in front of his mother.

  19. @kittwampus,
    I thought of mudflaps too, but not the things on the back of trucks. I thought of the mudflap girls image.
    David, maybe it has something to do with that, and therefore somehow means that women are stereotypical?

  20. @ Salbro
    If you make up your own premises and use them to them to prove your point, you're using a fallacy. If you use fallacy as a knee-jerk reflex answer, and you think you're cool doing it, you're probably another of Dave's many sock puppets. How pathetic!


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