Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I've been trying my best to make sense of a strange, turgid, conspiratorial post over on Rebuking Feminism, a blog run by a fellow calling himself Bwec who sometimes comments here.

This doozy of a sentence, loaded down with strange quasi-Marxist jargon and missing a couple of commas, will give you an idea of what I'm up against:

When females are the primary means of resource production themselves, when they own the means to male production (and thus transference of male resources without a fair social contract between men and women in marriage and thus divorce) plus own the means of human production i.e. total control over reproduction and conception the Matriarchy and dream of female supremacy will be complete.

The gist of it seems to be that, uh, women are taking over the world.

But there's one paragraph that suggests that women have an even more evil agenda than merely lording it over us men. If I'm reading it correctly, Bwec is suggesting that the ladies want to ... eat us.

If males served no other purpose than as food after mating she would surely consume us. It is this aspect of female nature which has been obscured as of late but men have known it since the beginning of time.

Yes, instead of wanting to make us sandwiches, they want to make us into sandwiches!

If this is true I would like to assure all female readers of this blog that, while I have good taste, I do not taste good.


  1. For a similar perspective, see the abysmal "Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death" starring ... wait for it ... Bill Maher.

    Can't believe I didn't think to post this to manboobz already--compared to some of the comments here, it offers a thoroughly-researched, nuanced critique of feminism and its discontents.

  2. David, I'd like to call your attention to the MRAs ganging up on my blog: From what you've seen on their sites, do they ever organize a campaign against a particular blog? Because that seems to be what's happening here.

  3. ROFL at manwiches. That is all.

  4. That actually was a great movie.

  5. David, you're on to us. We don't do the majority of cooking because we're subjugated-- we just want to make sure we're seasoning you properly.

  6. To anthonybsusan :

    They have the habit of harassing female bloggers. Last year a female blogger called Lady Raine was viciously attacked by Roissy, she counter-attacked ( ) by posting his name and address. The guys stopped posting during nearly a month and removed several controversial postings he made. Several supporters of Roissy started commenting on Lady Raine blog and they flamed and insulted everybody during several months.

  7. It's true. Even though I'm a vegetarian, I am waiting breathlessly for the day that I can eat my spouse.

    It's a good thing I married a lentil.

  8. @anthonybsusan,

    They do gang up on blogs sometimes. If one MRA sees something he doesn't like, posts a link and tells the others to go to the blog and respond, they do. I've seen them do it on the spearhead a few times.

  9. @anthonybsusan,

    They probably are coming from the spearhead. Peter Nolan, also known as Global Man, posts there and is one of the biggest nutcases in the MRM. He is so extreme that he was actually banned from the spearhead for a period of months and was recently allowed to post again under the condition that he use his real name as to take full responsibility for what he says which has included a call to kill cops and judges in the past. He is a narcissist to an extreme degree who considers himself superior even to his fellow MRA's.

  10. anthonyb: Yeah, they do gang up on blogs. Shortly after I started this blog, someone on the NiceGuy MGTOW forum got a group of regulars from there to come over here and "give me hell." Some of the people in that group are still posting here, though I wouldn't call their posts now harassment.

    When I restricted posting to registered users and banned use of the c-word it cut down on the really abusive comments.

  11. Well, he's kind of right, women are the primary means of production [of] themselves. And of the men, too.

  12. Well, their comments coincide with comments with the ex-boyfriend who sexually assaulted me, so I was suspicious. I approved the comments so that everyone can see how crazy they are, but I think I'll likely stop that in the future. Though I have informed them that each use of the c word earns RAINN $10, and that seems to have cut down on it :)

    Sorry for the topic derail and thanks for the reply.

  13. "Marxist jargon"? I don't think so. "When females are the primary means of resource production themselves" Marx is really big on those that produce benefiting from their labour. Besides, the quote contains the phrase 'social contract', that's contractualism (Locke, Hobbes, etc). Marx was heavily and vocally critical of that branch of political theory and Marxists are almost never contractualists.

  14. Cat: Oops. I meant to qualify my mention of "Maxist jargon" -- I just edited it to read "strange quasi-Marxist jargon." He's borrowed some Marxist terms, but is using them in really kooky and not-very-Marxist ways.

  15. ....I can promise each and every one of you.

    I wouldn't eat a single person from the MRA.

    Good job Lads.

  16. Well, to be honest, I am rather delicious.

  17. How on earth do you manage to mangle both Marx and Rousseau in the same sentence? That's some world class stupid right there.

  18. Man, you gotta hand it to this guy for tapping into the zeitgeist; seriously, if you want to make your ideology come alive to the American public, cloak it in the language of Marxism. Nothin' Americans like more than Marxism!

  19. David Futrelle said...
    anthonyb: Yeah, they do gang up on blogs. Shortly after I started this blog...

    The bad MRAs as usual...

    It's a well-known feminist tactic to bring down MRA-blogs.

    I am not the only MRA, whose webpages were attacked by feminists. Last time just a few weeks ago.

    My little MRA-blog, more or less idle since 2 years was suddenly heavily attacked - by intensive password-hacking - only a short time after I was starting to comment on David's blog.

    Google had to shut down my account for security reasons. It was restored a few days later, now with new password.


    Exactly on the same day, only 3 hours later, my family webpage with another provider was attacked by moving malware into my account and reporting it for distributing pornography.

    The investigation by the provider confirmed the hacking of my account, the existence of 1 porno-picture and some malware.

    The provider was fair enough to give me 24h to take out my data, to delete the entire account, and to rebuild it with the same name again.

    Many MRA-websites are frequently visited by pro-feminist trolls and hackers and reported to providers with untrue accusations.

    I also receive from time to time pro-feminist emails with shaming language and also threats.

    To claim 'peaceful' feminists are only victims of aggressive MRAs on the internet is totally untrue.

    There are obviously crazy hackers on both sides.

    Further there are also many trolls and hackers, who are neither feminists nor MRAs.

    They are just posting crap and insults to any blog or forum they can find, solely for disturbing others.

  20. Magnolia said...
    ....I can promise each and every one of you.
    I wouldn't eat a single person from the MRA. Good job Lads.

    There are also female MRAs...

  21. @nobody (in particular)
    "Ignorance is delicious"

    And bliss. Thanx bunches!!!!!! :)

  22. "There are also female MRAs..."

    right, but "" was already taken ... ;)

  23. I have been stalked for a few months by a feminist. She follows me around, and links to posts I made at various places, including a private satirical yahoogroup. She even posted a picture of me on her blog.When I tried to comment to defend myself she refused to post the comments, and then finally she closed the blog to anyone not a member. I have no idea if she is still stalking me, I assume she is. She also stalked another woman I know. It is creepy. If I wasn't so sure of my ability to protect myself I would be a little nervous. This sort of thing goes both ways, so don't try playing the moral high ground when it isn't there.

  24. @The Biscuit Queen,

    Feminists are pretty creepy like that.

  25. @The Biscuit Queen, making a private yahoogroup and posting links on private blogs disagreeing with you is hardly enough to constitute stalking.

    "If I wasn't so sure of my ability to protect myself I would be a little nervous." Yes, because one yahoo group warrants fear of death. Unless the following you around is physical (which it seems not to be), linking to your posts and making a yahoo group in no way is rationally related to your purported fear level and claims of stalking. In all seriousness, have you ever considered some sort of counseling for your paranoia?

  26. Of course they want to eat us! I mean, the rest of the book To Serve Man, it's... it's a cookbook!!

  27. You know, when I said I wanted a man sandwich, that is NOT what I had in mind. Add your own innuendos.


    Jealous girlfriend bites off man's ear... and her dog EATS it

    This fits about in this thread.

    A case of domestic violence again a man...


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