Saturday, January 8, 2011

Very, very, very bad Santa

Hey ladies!
Let me ask you: does this dude -- you know, the one to the immediate right of these words, with the intense stare and rakishly tousled hair -- look like the kind of guy who might, in a burst of inspiration, fill a vibrator with "gun powder, BB shot, and buck shot from shotgun shells," then give it to an ex-girlfriend as a Christmas gift in hopes that she would place it inside herself forthwith, at which point he would cause said vibrator to literally explode his ex?

Well, to me, he sort of does, and apparently he did as well to the Waseca, Minnesota police, who arrested the mulleted (alleged) vibrator bomber, Terry Allen Lester, after another woman he had been staying with alerted them to Lester's undelivered gift, which he'd (allegedly) left behind with her, along with a bunch of bomb-making equipment and another vibrator, upon which he'd written "Merry X-mas Bitch" with a black marker, and which he apparently had intended to give to yet another ex.

There was still another vibrator in Lester's bag, with no gunpowder in it and nothing nasty written on it; he'd apparently intended this for a third ex. No word on why he was being so much nicer to her than to his two other exes. Or why he hadn't actually given any of the gifts to any of his exes, though Christmas had come and gone by the time police were alerted to Lester's little gift bag.

More on the case, along with the official "statement of probable cause," at The Smoking Gun.

Thanks to Joe for tipping me off to this story.


  1. When a woman does something like this it makes every show in the nation. Violence against women of this nature (nature being severe, and sexually related not the novelty of it, so to speak)is a DAILY occurrence, and MRAs need to stop lying about it on every level like they do.

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  3. Um Rachel, what does that have to do with anything? It's maddening how sexist commercials are, so I guess stories where men try to bomb women is so common and so, like um, not disturbing mmkay, you post a fucking comedy link? Jesus.

  4. @Um:

    The reason why MRAs would even comment on the relative prevalence or scarcity of gender-based violence is specifically to bring about sympathy and response for underserved victims, namely male victims. MRAs draw attention to male victims in order to (a) assist them, and (b) delegitimize violence (and comedic depictions of violence) against men. The only reason why the discussion even incorporates female victims is because anti-male bigots claim that male victimization is too rare and too mild to justify a more rigorous public response for male victims. In other words, MRAs advocate for male victims due to the misandric bigotry that elevates all forms of female pain as somehow more serious than male pain, and of course this bigotry influences the public response. It must be challenged.

  5. I always wonder, how these thug-boys find their girlfriends so easily, one after the other, while plenty of honest men without a criminal record cannot find a friendly girl even for a few minutes for a nice talk without being ridiculed or being immediately approached for money.

    I don't know why women find thugs so exciting.
    For sure, I have never seen a thug-boy without a girl.

    Feminists should teach women to act more responsible and choosing their male partners more carefully.

  6. @Booboonation,

    I really, really hate people like you. Not because you're a women, but because you're a genuine dick. You are using your female status (as a stalker victim) to try and erase the daily (hourly) mental, emotional and physical abuse suffered by men and children at the hands of women. When somebody snaps, "He's a Daily oppresser"

    Fuck you and your generalizations:

    I'd hazzard to guess that your bitterness and blatant misandry manifest themselves daily on your "loved" ones. I feel sorry for any poor soul caught in your misandry blast radius.

  7. Yohan-I am also puzzled by this actually. Good guys like the guy I am half in love with are single but this guy gets dozens of exs quite easily?

    Dates I can understand-these guys tend to be way more confident so women tend to be responsive to that. And perhaps it is because these women tend to be submissive they stick around? But that cannot be the only reason. *shrugs* Either way-this is not the best way to get back at someone if there is a need for revenge.

  8. Thanks for your honest reply. I agree, this thug is only good for jail, a hopeless case.

    Thugs with their girls - well, this is always a big topic for hot discussion among MRAs.

    I do not want to bother you with that.

    That's maybe interesting to read if you are from the USA, especially these many follow-up comments.

    I don't know if this above link makes any sense for you.

    All what I can say, and I am not from USA, I have NEVER seen a thug-boy without a good looking young girl next to him while I was still living in Europe.

  9. The thing I don't get? Did this guy actually think his exes were going to use a vibrator given to them by their psycho ex-boyfriend, unpackaged, with the words "Merry X-Mas Bitch" written on them in marker? It's possible that they are all as stupid as he is, but come on.

  10. witman, I have not been back here until just now. You're being pretty emotional. You don't know anything about me. I would be embarrassed to claim that I know something about a person that I don't know. I kind of tend to state the same thing over and over which is true. MRAs lie about DV stats, that does not take anything away from any victims of any sort, so dream on.

    You hate people like me because you can't actually argue against any points that I actually make. Like here you just changed the subject AGAIN. You have to pretend that I'm somehow against this or that or the other thing, you have no idea what you're talking about. I would be embarrassed to just start talking about things I don't know about. You're emotionally lashing out, I guess. Based on how you claim to know lots things you don't know about it's safe to disregard any further analysis from you since you're wholly emotional and reckless with information.

    I haven't decided I have hated a single poster here, but I guess that's because I'm secure.

  11. About the topic. These women were exes. So they figured out enough to break up with him. Also feminism does teach women to choose better, it has little effect on women, just like feminism in a general sense does not touch women personally in the raunch culture we live in as much as it should.

  12. witman: It's one thing to criticize someone's argument. It's another to lash out in a nasty, gratuitous personal attack like your last comment here. Tone it down.

  13. booboonation said...
    witman, ... MRAs lie about DV stats...

    MRAs do not lie about DV stats.

    Feminists are ignorant of facts, because it cannot be what should not be in their biased mindset.

    Political correctness, true or false in real life does not matter.

    Serious US-sources indicates that women are as violent as men while in a relationship.

    American sources like the Psychiatric Association consider even women more aggressive than men under certain circumstances.

    German official statistic are mentioning domestic violence from women as 29 percent, from men as 31 percent, almost same.

    Even a study by the Japanese Ministry of Welfare found 13 percent of women to be abusive and violent against their male partners, and Thailand has worldwide one of the highest number of females in prison, most of them violence/drug related. = Despite they are all mail-order-brides, sex-slaves and doormats...

    What nonsense all these feminists are telling us...

    For sure, there are plenty of violent women around everywhere and to claim these violent women are the tiny minority and violent men are the BIG majority is truly a feminist lie.

  14. You can lie by ignoring the nature of something, and lie by spinning. Show me the murder stats, show me the hospital visits, time lost from work restraining orders, etc. I never even thought about making it a contest or who's winning the oppression olympics until MRAs came along with their lies. You have never dealt directly with the subject or what I say. In this post, I made a direct claim.

    Also, what you do is say, "you say this and you say that", stuff I've never said. You do not DIRECTLY deal with anything, which is typical MRA nonsense when I read their sites. They do not quote feminists, they extrapolate bullshit. They project and fantasize about what feminism is. Your reaction to my comments are a case study in this. You have been told over and over again that not all violence is equal, you ignore that and keep repeating your stats that 1. Don't prove women to be dangerous at all, and 2. Count "violence" as any act regardless of injury. And again, why do you guys ignore murder stats.

    Here's a stupid thing you do too, "thailand has worldwide one of the highest number of females in prison" So what? What does that even mean? You don't say what the rate is. It's just "the highest" rate. Huh? And you have no credibility because you post things like that without caring about the information. I could never bring myself to post a meaningless stat like that. And if you really think that means something, that one liner, then, again, the way you evaluate information in general is fail.

  15. booboonation said...
    ... These women were exes. So they figured out enough to break up with him. Also feminism does teach women to choose better, it has little effect on women,

    And? As a fact, one woman was going and the other was coming... as usual...

    It's obviously the thug boy who is choosing the girl, and not 'strong, independent women' who are choosing the thug-boys.

    Sorry, but the woman is also responsible for her own bad choice.

    And yes, feminism does teach women to choose better... The question is what means 'better'?

    For sure, ordinary men - despite all their privileges (make me laugh or better make me cry) - without a criminal record, with a moderate income but nevertheless a stable job are always the last ones on the better-worse list of feminists.

    Facing Western females and my privileges, all what I can say, I was never anything else for them but white trash.

  16. They took responsibility by ending the relationship. Whitman, either you have very little grip on reality, or you're just a liar. Finding some guy attractive, realizing he's not good for you and breaking up is normal. Some guy being a complete psychopath is NOT normal. Isn't that correct? What's the other comment I just saw around here, where one of you MRAs was acting like men are dangerous and women need to be careful and we should all know better? I mean cognitive dissonance anyone?

    And by the way, with all the violent women in the world, the hoards and hoards of dangerous broads, surely this accounts for why these men have three or four women to choose from on any given day, right? I mean the women are violent themselves, so why would this guy not be attractive to them? The fact is that does not account for someone making a vibrators into bombs. How would one person know that about another person? Seriously?

    And while I'm on the topic, why do some men in the MRA movement complain about men like this getting women in the first place. Do you honestly think that the women he gets are your type? Or is it because the MRA mind of lumping women together into groups with less variety among them than different species of dogs can't grasp reality, make sense or be consistent on any level?

  17. oops, I called you whitman, sorry. Der.

  18. booboonation: ...why do some men in the MRA movement complain about men like this getting women in the first place. Do you honestly think that the women he gets are your type?

    We do not complain, we all know, MRAs deserve something better. MRAs do not want to have anything to do with women living together with thugs.

    Feminists however complain tearfully about MRAs for not offering *empathy* if something is going wrong between girls and thugs.

    In one case, she was a stripper, living with violent thugs and now police found her body... or in this thread, women were living with a violent thug and because they left him for another (another thug?) he thinks about how to harm them as revenge.

    My point is to make clear, that this all is really not the problem of the MRAs. - We have nothing to do with that.

    These women are responsible for their own bad choices, and why should we care.


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