Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heil Hitlary!

Hillary Clinton: A legless Nazi?
Some very, er, interesting observations on world politics from SingleDad on the angry-man internet hub known as The Spearhead. 

I think things will get much worse in ways we cannot imagine today. Why do you think our secretary of state has done nothing except meet with women all over the world non-stop.

I mean, we’re in two wars, North Africa is coming undone and where is Hitlary.

I’ll tell you. She is meeting with and creating a world feminist Cabal to be a non-elected shadow government.

What can we expect, more men in prison, less boys graduating high school, less and more dangerous jobs for men, more wars (to reduce the male population, a win/win for Hitlary), and world wide demonization and extermination of heterosexuality.

They hate men, women that like men, children and families.

Use your imagination ... they are doing all this in secret as they know what they have in mind is unethical and could not tolerate the light of day.

Note: When he refers to "Hitlary," SingleDad is, I believe, trying to draw a humorous parallel between our Secretary of State and the lead character in the 1980 Pakistani film Hitlar, in which the aforementioned Hitlar, son of Hitler, terrorizes a Punjabi village. In case you missed this film when it was in theaters, here's a bit more on it from IMDb:

The movie starts with the premise that Hitler never died at the end of WWII, but that he escaped and started a family somewhere in the Punjabi heartland. The movie shows Hitlar, the son the world never knew about, sending his goons out to ravage the local villagers and terrify them into submission. Sultan Rahi witnesses the brutal murder of an innocent villager and vows to take revenge. and his quest for vengeance pits him against Hitlar, son of Hitler!

That might seem like sort of an obscure reference for SingleDad to make, but apparently The Spearheaders are huge fans of Pakistanti cinema. (I'm more of a Bollywood man myself.)


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*Yes, that was a Bioshock reference.


  1. "Use your imagination ... they are doing all this in secret as they know what they have in mind is unethical and could not tolerate the light of day."

    If the mysterious "they" (presumably Hitlary's Army or whatever) are so widely secret as to require "imagination"...then the imagination is the only place this little conspiracy resides.

    The only secret I'm actually curious about is what possessed SingleDad to believe he actually has a brain...

  2. I /wish/ there was a world feminist cabal shadow government. Could you imagine?

    "All rapes will be prosecuted, just like ordinary crimes! Women will be portrayed as ordinary people in the media, and their history will be included in education! Woman's health will be fully funded! Women and men will make equal money for equal hours! Cosmo will never sell another copy!"

  3. ::: they are doing all this in secret :::

    It strikes me that if so, then SingleDad is terribly well informed. Could it be that he has an mole on the inside?

    Or, is he perhaps "using his imagination"?

    (In this case a euphemism for "indulging in unfounded paranoia".)

  4. I have in my secret mind the idea that we should have a Bonobo society.

    But that is just cuz I am a control freak who likes sex and dislikes violence. :) Hatred of men does not come into it.

  5. Well I daresay it's time to make a whole series of sequels to Hitlar, a la the Chucky movies. Picture it: Son of Hitler, Bride of Hitler, Daughter of Hitler, Estranged Second Cousin of Hitler.

    It'll be huge!

  6. Oh, is that the new way we're deriding Hillary Clinton? I though she was "Shrillary." It's hard to keep up, sometimes.

  7. I can't even...

    The disconnect from reality that is necessary to believe such a thing is staggering. So is the 25 to 2 ratio of likes to dislikes that's up there right now for that comment.

  8. > they are doing all this in secret

    Just like the conspiracy that ALL employers in multiple countries are paying women less than men.

    The biggest coincidence ever LOL, but just because feminists said so...well

  9. Good post, glad you managed to work in Pakistan.



  11. ^^above is a YouTube Downfall parody featuring a clip detoured by the username "hitlerrantsparodies." No KIDDING, FUNNY AS ALL GET OUT!!:PP

  12. Use your imagination ... they are doing all this in secret as they know what they have in mind is unethical and could not tolerate the light of day.

    Yes, use your imagination and fill in with whatever paranoid fantasy you have. Hours of fun at a fraction of the cost!

  13. "Oh, is that the new way we're deriding Hillary Clinton?"

    Nah, this is nothing new. A colleague at work sent a letter to the local paper characterizing her as "Hitlery Clintoon" *during* the Clinton presidency.

  14. Just like the conspiracy that ALL employers in multiple countries are paying women less than men.

    The biggest coincidence ever LOL, but just because feminists said so...well

    Except that's not what feminists say. You fail again, Nicko.

  15. Just like the conspiracy that ALL employers in multiple countries are paying women less than men.

    Claiming that women face de facto discrimination isn't anywhere near equivalent to claiming that women are forming a shadow government.

  16. Very telling how none of the Futrelle groupies here have the fortitude or bravery to actually pop in at places like The Spearhead and have a go. Unlike female supremacist websites, most MRA sites employ very little censorship.

    Instead, you choose to point and laugh from a distance with repetitive shaming language and sarcasm. How about taking the enemy head on, on their ground? Wouldn't work out very well, would it? Like I said, very telling of female supremacists in general.

  17. forweg, as you know full well, comments from anyone who departs in any way from the conventional, er, "wisdom" on The Spearhead are downvoted instantly, to the point where you have to click a link even to see them, and there are constant demands from commenters there that they be banned. Same at A Voice For Men. Meanwhile, on many MGTOW message boards, dissenting voices are confined to special subforums.

    In all these cases, the regulars almost never respond to the arguments of feminists; they simply hurl abuse.

    If you can show me a single discussion on The Spearhead from, say, the past three months, in which 1) feminist contributors aren't voted down into oblivion (so that people have to click a link to see their comments) and 2) in which the regular Spearheaders respond in detail to their arguments rather than spewing forth misogynistic insults, please post a link here.

    If these sites aren't willing to even show dissenting comments without clicking buttons or sticking them in special subforums, what's the point of trying to have a discussion there?

    There are plenty of MRAs/MGTOW who post here; for the first couple of months they were by far the majority of the commenters. I don't censor them for their opinions.

  18. But David, being criticized and told you're wrong is the worst kind of censorship! Only MRAs are supposed to have a right to free speech. Feminists shouldn't be allowed to criticize them.

  19. Regarding MRM, the Spearhead, and feminist anti-male hatred:

    I was a life-long feminist serving mangina, until I was asked to give up my place on a commercial airline because commercial airlines DO NOT PERMIT MEN TO SIT NEXT TO UNACCOMPANIED MINORS. I complained on "feministe", and was promptly kicked from the site, banned, and later won runner up for their annual "most hated man" contest.

    Here is my exact post, as well as a link to the same post on "", where they voted me the second most hated man of the year when I asked for help fighting anti-male sexism:

    "British Airways, Qantas, and Air New Zealand all have an explicit policy prohibiting any adult male from sitting next to an unaccompanied child, even when the child’s parents are elsewhere on the aircraft. If no way can be found to re-arrange passengers to accommodate this openly anti-male rule, the man is ejected from the aircraft. This despite the fact that there has never been a case of child abuse on an aircraft. How is this example, one of thousands, not a case of institutional sexism experienced by men? The presumption of male guilt is something that men face every day."

    I realized at this time that FEMINISM IS HATE, and now I am an MRM for life.


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