Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wordpress, ho?

Moving day.
Due to an assortment of issues mostly having to do with commenting -- the hassles some of you are having posting, the lack of options I have as blog owner to deal with comments, the fucking spam filter -- I've started the process of moving this blog over to Wordpress. I've transferred posts and comments over there, and I'm working on the layout. When I've worked out most of the details I will switch over the manboobz url from here to there. If you want to check out what I've got so far, it's at

If you do, could you leave feedback in the form of a comment on the top post? Let me know if there are any egregious glitches with the layouts of old posts.

Also, if any of you have done this sort of switch to Wordpress yourself, or if you have general Wordpress advice, let me know. I may need some help at some point.


  1. My site's powered by WordPress. I do some under-the-hood tinkering (CSS and PHP both) with it as well. So anything you need help with, let me know.

  2. WordPress is 1000x more elegant. You won't regret it.

  3. Meanwhile, in 1950s comic land, Bob Hope was made out to be a rapist. The robot one was pretty prescient though considering the development of sex bots.

  4. I found this tutorial to be helpful in transferring from Blogger to Wordpress (good choice, by the way). It automatically redirects from each old post on Blogger to the corresponding post on Wordpress. Helpful for catching people coming from old bookmarks, etc.

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