Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girlz in the Hood

Goddesses, or whores?
A very peculiar ideological battle has broken out on The Spearhead between some of the resident misogynist douchebags and a group of “white nationalists” who have in recent days descended on the site. The Spearheaders’ main beef with these upstanding fellows? Not that they’re hateful racist dicks – sorry, “ethnically conscious.” No, the problem is that they don’t hate white women enough. According to some of the critics on The Spearhead , these guys are apparently “White Knight Nationalists” in thrall to white womanhood.

Spearhead big cheese W. F. Price recently highlighted one anti-White-Knight-Nationalist rant on his site as the “comment of the week.” It’s an interesting, by which I mean appalling, read. “John” makes clear at the outset that he has no real problem with “white nationalism” as such, and indeed complains that

because of “political correctness” it is almost impossible to express pride in the white race without being instantaneously labeled a racist. Nothing like a pejorative to end an intelligent discussion.

No, the problem he has is with white nationalist women and the men who love them too much. These guys, he sneers, are

likely bunion-rubbers, drink the cheapest of beer, fondle their Chinese SKS nightly, and do whatever the “Old Lady” tells them to do while they strut around in front of their friends and the mountain of aluminum empties like little Bantam roosters. Almost as a universal, they hold up the WN females as godesses in spite of the fact that 99% of those “ladies” have had their holes punched and left full of biological waste by more men than there are oil companies that have ever drilled wells in Texas. Frankly, it’s pathetic.

But these supposed “White Goddesses” are not only sluts; John has convinced himself that they are also evil, ugly, hairy feminists too – which would make them honest-to-goodness feminazis, I suppose, though John seems to have less of a problem with the “nazi” half of the equation than he does with the “femi.”

The “female” commentators on WN sites are at least as shaming and self-righteous as those on lefty-feminist sites, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if half of them had some sort of moustache getting a bit out of control on the upper lip and hairy armpits. …

You may as well go over and hang out at feministing. For a good time call 1-800-BITCH. As a rule they are disgusting hypocrites and beyond disappointing. Hell, the best description is repellent. Yes, repellent.

Of course neo-Nazi women bear about as much resemblance to feminists as, well, the Spearhead does to Feministing. John is making the mistake that seems to be almost universal amongst internet anti-feminists, assuming that any time a woman asserts herself in any way, even if she is doing so within the confines of traditionalist, authoritarian and, yes, patriarchal ideology, she’s a feminist. Nope. Feminists don’t ask to be treated as “ladies”; traditionalist women do. Feminist men don’t put women on a pedestal; traditionalist men do. And white supremacists are about as traditional as they come, in all the worst senses of the term.

John seemed particularly incensed that one woman on a white nationalist website had suggested that her white brethren needed to step up their game, romance wise, claiming that “Ghetto Negroes have better wooing, and flirtation skills, than so many White males.” How dare she!

Here we have a supposed W.N. self-imagined “White Goddess” who has experience with being wooed by “Ghetto Negroes” and she expresses admiration for their flirtation skills. Got her thing tingling, I see. Maybe that “tingling” was satiated a few times by one or more of those “Ghetto Blacks”, yet some “Bush” swilling W.N. “White Knight” will draw his sword and proclaim, “I will defend this sluts honor to my death!”

Some Spearheaders greeted John’s post with bravos; others sniffed that he was being too hard on the poor white supremacists, and using “shaming language” like the evil feminists do. Very few seemed to have a problem with the bigotry of the white pride crowd, just their alleged white knightery. As one commenter, calling himself Reality, reported with astonishment:

I’ve tried to get on those White Pride Sites and immediately started discussing how fucked up the modern white female is and was INSTANTLY banned! I was actually shocked. I thought it would be a no brainer that WN types would (OF COURSE) not want white women to be complete parasitical whores roaming the landscape spreading VD like Johnny Appleseed and fucking men over- I mean how you hope for the white race to make a ‘comeback’ if the white family is falling apart?!? One of the very reasons whites are so demoralized and broken politically and culturally is EXACTLY because of the modern American female. It’s just bizarre- these guys really are idiots (at least in this regard).

Watching this unfolding fight between male supremacists and white supremacists is really something of a treat for those of us not into the whole supremacy thing. I can only hope both sides lose, and as humiliatingly as possible.


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  1. "One of the very reasons whites are so demoralized and broken politically and culturally is EXACTLY because of the modern American female."

    The other reason is, of course, the JOOZ.

  2. The little girl in the KKK hood is disturbingly cute.

  3. I was hoping that you'd do a post sometime on the noticeable overlap between MRA's and the "HBD/Race Realist" crowd. The underlying attitude of both groups is quite similar: That they're entitled to special treatment because they're male or white. Or both. And of course there's the endless whining about how the PC folks/feminists are keeping them down.

  4. That, um, exchange of ideas is extremely bizarre, and saddening.

    Re: the white race. Human skin color, and nearly every other heritable physical (and probably nonphysical) trait exists on a spectrum, not a binary. My ancestors were from Europe, and my skin is light, so I am considered "white"; however, not only am I not at all white except for my teeth, nails and eyeballs, but I have the same skin tone as many Asian and Hispanic and Latino Americans that I know. The concept of race can be useful from a medical standpoint, to identify people with a very specific subset of relevant traits, who might experience similar medical outcomes; it can be useful from a cultural standpoint, to identify people with similar experiences. But both applications are limited, especially when it comes to the so-called "white" race. A poor "white" man in Birmingham, AL is likely to experience more similar medical outcomes to the poor "black" man next door, both eating the same poverty-limited diet, than to a rich "white" man in Scandinavia, or Russia. Similarly, the cultural model breaks down when examining my experiences; culturally, I have much more to do with someone from my hometown, no matter how much melanin they produce, than with another "white" person who happens to live in Scandinavia, Russia, South Africa, etc.

    Being able to feel that race is irrelevant is of course a sign of white privilege, and I don't want to say that race is irrelevant, because that would be silly. But the concept of a "white" race offers no new or informative way of looking at the world and is on extremely shaky theoretical ground.

    On the bright side, it seems like racism is no longer as socially acceptable as sexism-- unless that's my privilege showing, again. Is it? What have others experienced?

  5. My college has one of this generation's leading white nationalists as a student... it's pretty interesting.

    Race is literally all socially constructed. There is more genetic similarity between two Americans of disparate races than an African man and an African-American man (this comes from the Journal of My Roommate The Freshman Anthro Major Studies).

    Therefore, beyond the cultural implications of race, it is clearly moronic to predict anything from the mere fact of skin color.

    Aydan-- IME, racism is less acceptable, so people say "I just call black people niggers, that doesn't mean I'm racist!" as opposed to, you know, actually changing their opinions.

  6. I imagine that the honkies, in their turn, are none too happy about the MRAs committing race treason with their Filipina mail-order brides.

  7. Survivor: Sexists vs. Racists Edition

    Send them all to a deserted island... And just leave them there.

  8. Look at the comment I posted.

    It got thumbed down for my usual parr...

    and check out this video:

  9. Oh, and one of the latest pieces I couldn't even read.

    I saw the word "niggaz" being referred to in a derogatory way - right next to "manginas" - and I shut the tab down.

    Made me sick honestly.

  10. ScareCrow: I can't think of a non-offensive way to say this but:

    Thank you for not being a racist douchebag in addition to a misogynistic douchebag and a disrespectful-of-awesome-dead-rock-stars douchebag?

  11. This one was scarier than normal.

    There's something particularly weird in phrases like "thing tingling" that I've noticed as being off-putting in these quotes before... I'm not sure why... is it the objectification? the acknowledgment that female desire exists along with the utter contempt for it?

  12. The sad thing is that the women in these movements are expected to be what they believe women should be. That one lady is kind of surprising to be saying that.

  13. The phrase I've seen that's worse than "thing tingling" is "'gina tingle." As in "vagina." As in "thug boys give her a 'gina tingle."

    Does anyone but creepy MRAs/MGTOWers use this phrase? Where the fuck did it come from? Why?

  14. The KKK and the vast majority of self admitted white nationalist groups are intensely patriarichal. However, MRAs tend to be upperclass suburban to urban and (from my impression), generally not Southern. Southern cultures are more upfront about their bigotry. So, southern racists tend to be the ones who are openly members of these organizations. Northern bigots really really love myths of meritocracy and single category hatreds. The northern bigot says "if black people just worked as hard as white people, they would not be poor", whereas the southern bigot says "fucking n*****s should learn their place-which is at the bottom." The openess of southern bigotry means that southern bigots tend to express a worldview that is explicitly hierarchical and almost feudalistic in structure as to one's place in society. Whereas northern bigots, who are more passive aggressive (compared to the plain old aggressive southerners), achieve the same effects and conclusions via different "reasoning". Northern bigots pretend that the social hierarchies are not in practice, and express a completely unrealistic idea that the system is merit based. This results in huge amounts of victim blaming, as it must to excuse the huge inter-group disparities is society. The end effect is much the same (northern schools, for example, were de facto every bit as segregated as southern ones during Jim Crow, but it was enforced more subtly than just writing it into law). You see this in sexism too. The messed up notion of women as a "helpmeet" is popular amoung southern sexists, as is the virgin-whore dicotomy. The southern view has a "place" expected of women and calls for punishment of those who step out of it (the "whores") and some small rewards for those who obey (the "virgins"). The system and its expectations are made rather explicit. Northern sexism, on the other hand, pretends that there is no such social expectation or system and instead claims that women are disadvantaged by their own behavior, that women in general suffer because women in general are lazy bitches (though most never come out and say it, because that would be close to admitting to stratified group divisions...).

    MRA sexism leans heavily towards northern sexism ("women are privileged over men!" "sexism does not exist!" "Women are abused because they choose to date thugs!"), but W.F. Price is stepping into the den of southern sexists. That is why he is not using the right sexist discourse and upsets the other sexists.

  15. Say what you want about the Spearhead, but at least those guys don't let racism distract them from their pure, unadulterated misogyny. I have to respect that. I don't.

  16. I love this post of yours. It actually goes right into my own theory of what the MRA movement is, which I will give you the URL of as soon as it's posted.

  17. @Ozymandias

    "Thank you for not being a racist douchebag in addition to a misogynistic douchebag and a disrespectful-of-awesome-dead-rock-stars douchebag?"

    Well, you are welcome you fellow non-racist yet misandric, pussy-begging, disrespectful-whenever-you-get-a-chance douchbag!

  18. wow, these people just keep getting more and more charming.

  19. Thanks for posting this! I was horrified (though not exactly surprised)to realize how racist Chateau at Citizen Renegade and his commenters are, too. More horrified than he usually makes me, that is...Notice which one of his posts has 600+ comments.

  20. The MRM is just a pathetic, sick joke now. The parasite invasion from racists and gamers is complete. Most of them barely even spend any time bothering about "men's rights" anymore.

    At this point, they are just as deluded, brainwashed, and plain evil as you feminists.

    Fuck 'em.

  21. I'm imagining forweg has a big chalkboard labeled "Organizations that Aren't Evil" and he's going down and crossing everything off.

  22. @forweg - AMEN BROTHER!

    I am with you on that 100%

    I am still going to do what I do, but there are some blogs I will be removing from my list soon.

  23. ScareCrow-- Um... I'm female. I don't beg for pussy, I have one. And I'm kind of a happy slut, so no one else has to beg for pussy either. Win/win.

    If I hated men, I wouldn't fall in love with them so often. Logic!

  24. The very idea of white racial pride is just ridiculous. As a person of proud British stock (that's Anglo AND Gaelic, mind), the idea that anyone whose lily-white skin tone happens to match mine can lay claim to the legacy of MY ancestors is, to say the least, galling. The "white race" didn't do shit to build the modern world. For good or for ill, it was all the Brits.

    (by the way, there's a level of irony in this post that should be implied by the phrase "proud British stock." There are NO proud Brits :-)

  25. I got skin so white it shows off my veins and burns like prairie grass in a thunderstorm! My ancestors may have owned slaves once!

    Um... Go me?

  26. Sam- I remember watching a special on white pride groups on NatGeo. There was one gentleman trying to "take back" a holiday as a white pride holiday.

    That holiday was St. Patrick's Day.

    My whole brain was laughing.

  27. Forweg and Scarecrow are reminding me of this XKCD cartoon:

    There's an XKCD for everything.

  28. @Strange sally:

    Strange - excellent choice for a nic.

    How long have you been following this stuff?

    Is your knowledge of what is being written on the manosphere blogs limited to what you see here?

    I have been following it since 2007, I would guess forweg about the same time if not longer.

    I'd wager a guess that your "cheap" insult is based entirely on ignorance - rather than a deduction.

  29. Manosphere? That sounds like a Man o'War tribute band.

    I try reading your man blogs and most I find really sleazy and comically misunderstanding of women that I am surprised that google isn't trying to sell you "How to hypnotise women".

    Well I suppose that's what "game" is although I feel that you must be bloody retarded to fall for it. Hell if a woman tried that to me I would be puzzled and not want to spend time with her... And I am desperate.

    Look if you want to defend men? Then try out Nursing. That's a female dominated world where men take the brunt of sexism. Less than 10% of Nurses are men and men routinely are ridiculed for their participation in the field and face sexism that often isn't punished.

    If you championed that cause then I would start showing some respect for your movement. Until then your mouths are filled with too much talk and not enough cock.

  30. I beg to differ, Avicenna. My mouth is filled with plenty of cock!

  31. Please enlighten me about your super-special inside knowledge about MRAs that I'm missing Scarecrow.

    When you're done doing that, please explain to me how that's remotely relevant to my analogizing your posture of superiority to MRAs vs. feminists with XKCD's critique of the fellow who also maintained a posture of superiority to fundamentalist Christians vs. atheists.

  32. Maybe those Spearhead guys should just make a list of people they don't hate, because the list of people they do hate is too long. For me, watching a debate between racists and misogynists is like watching "Alien vs. Predator", because they are both wrong.

  33. "When you're done doing that, please explain to me how that's remotely relevant to my analogizing your posture of superiority to MRAs vs. feminists with XKCD's critique of the fellow who also maintained a posture of superiority to fundamentalist Christians vs. atheists."

    Actually, I do feel the same way about fundamentalist Christians vs. fundamentalist atheists. There's nothings wrong with such positions, regardless of your illogical armchair psychobabble.

    In most conflicts (of all types) through history, both sides have been entirely in the wrong. One would have to be blind not to see this.

    I refuse to support the slightly lesser of two evils (MRAs) any longer. That would be like voting for a Republican or a Democrat. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

  34. Of course you feel the same way about fundamentalist Christians and atheists. It is transparent: your sense of personal superiority far outweighs the relative merits of either position in your mind.

    Of course, you've demonstrated that you're not intellectually capable of accurately analyzing the merits of either position, so it's kind of a moot point. But it is amusing that you think that eschewing both sides gives you a leg up somehow.

  35. In most conflicts (of all types) through history, both sides have been entirely in the wrong. One would have to be blind not to see this.

    On the contrary, one would have to be quite ignorant of history to think that this is self-evident. Substantiate or shut up.

    I refuse to support the slightly lesser of two evils (MRAs) any longer. That would be like voting for a Republican or a Democrat. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

    To steal a line from Chomsky: when you choose the lesser of two evils, you get less evil.

  36. Not that I'm endorsing forweg's erronious conclusion that MRAs are less evil than feminists. But you know, one must choose one's battles.

  37. I hope the picture was taken between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

    I still think it's funny they focus on the vagina tingling. Sad, I mean sad.

  38. "Of course you feel the same way about fundamentalist Christians and atheists. It is transparent: your sense of personal superiority far outweighs the relative merits of either position in your mind."

    Refusing to choose between two contemptible factions who both wish you and people like you personal harm is perfectly rational.

    That you wish to attribute this to me having a superiority complex is unsurprising. Psychoanalyzing imaginary personal defects in one's opponents as a means of dismissing their words is straight out of Feminism How-To Manual A.

    Nothing more to see here.

  39. Atheists wish to harm people? When was this?

    Also, Avicenna, why are you desperate? Seems to me that you are in the middle of medical school-while having companionship is lovely, is it not kind of um...distracting?

  40. I think forweg mostly sounds like a little kid going "Fine! I never wanted to be part of your stupid club anyway! I'm starting my own club and it'll be way awesomer than yours!"

  41. Well, the Spearhead MRAs and the White Nationalists could come together on hating non-white men and most non-white western women and on wanting women to stay home and be docile and "traditional," anyway. And on the important issues of "being scary" and "being utterly wrong in every way possible."

    They'd basically just have to agree to disagree on whether fucking women from third-world nations or white western women is acceptable. It's one of those tomato/tomatermort things. Let's call the calling off off, guys!

    Oh, I love this: because of “political correctness” it is almost impossible to express pride in the white race without being instantaneously labeled a racist. Nothing like a pejorative to end an intelligent discussion.

    I mean, if you're the kind of person who freely expresses racist, classist, and misogynistic thoughts, like John does, why would you be sensitive about being called a racist? And why would you pretend you were able to hold an intelligent conversation? Mystery!

  42. Boneheads vs. boneheads? Nothing for it but to microwave up a big batch of popcorn and find a comfy spot to watch the fun from.

  43. white nationalists amuse me and scare me at the same time.

    see, i'm Cherokee. growing up in California, i was often the only Indian in the class [and we were Indians then. i still tend to use "Indian". most of my family does, too...] and i got hit with all the tropes - something went missing? my desk was searched. someone snuck alcohol into a dance [or whatever] search my locker. etc etc.

    then i moved to Alabama.

    see, i ALSO have acute intermittent porphyria. two of the affects of porphyria are continual loss of melanin and photophobia [seriously - 10 minutes of sun can leave with me a horrible rash - an hour will leave me deathly ill and with 3rd degree burns. that's regular indirect sunlight; on a beach at high noon i don't stand a chance]

    and so i moved to Alabama and i was all the sudden "white".
    and then the "white nationalists" would get angry and attack me [mostly verbally] when i'd say "no, i don't want to join your group, i'm Cherokee" - sometimes for "lying", sometimes for "trying to pass".
    [no "trying" involved. sigh]

    there's a common thing that i've seen at every MRA site i've gone to, and it REALLY bugs me, and i REALLY want to know where and why it happened:

    this obsession that women, at least feminists but generally ALL women, have STDs. LOTS of STDs. almost ALL women. they say it a thousand different ways, but it tends to boil down to "women are going to give you STDs"

    and... it doesn't make sense. for a LOT of reasons.
    reason the first: while some STDs don't "show" visually all the time in women, it's more often that it's a MAN who has a "hidden" STD.
    second: according to the CDC, it's more likely [68% percent] that it's a man having indiscriminate sex with many women and spreading it around, and MUCH less likely that a woman would give an STD to more than 1 partner
    third: women are substancially more likely to notice, seek treatment for, and finish the treatment, for an STD.

    i mean - i've had sex with 30-ish men. i have no STDs, i never have. and i know i have no STDs, because my boyfriend and i went just last month the get checked again, as you do. because i had surgery last year, and was given blood that wasn't my own, and i'm PARANOID - neither one of us has slept with anyone else in YEARS.

    so... i'm just wondering where that comes from? projection? anyone know?
    or is it really just a thing they throw in to up the stakes on their "SLUTS!" insults?

  44. Why I wouldn't marry a "slut":

  45. Forweg - Most atheists usually come from positions of logic. It's a poor comparison because "the militant atheist is just a dick atheist". Also most militant atheists have well thought out rational arguments compared to their opponents who are actively defending superstition.

    Elizabeth - You always want what you do not have. Also at this point I am "2 years without any relationship". (That's it! Screw you all! From now on I am going my own way and am going to regard this a problem with women rather than a problem with the culture I am stuck with and my own inherent pickiness! Screw you girls! I am going my own way! Bwahaha!)

    Is that close enough to a MRA rant?

    In honest truth elizabeth? It's distracting but its a nice distraction. Playing Videogames and Ranting at atheists/animal lib gets tedious after a while and sometimes you just want someone for the cuddles and to occassionally treat you to a slap up lasagne. I am a lot older than my peers by around 7 years and it's got to the stage where I feel uncomfortable hanging out with 18 year olds and their insane drama and also I am kind of lonely.

  46. Misandry, I think pretty much any woman you married would be a divorce risk once she realized what a dick you are.

  47. @Avicenna

    That's an MGTOW rant, actually. MRA rants are generally more along the lines of (False rape! Gold-digging whores! No custody in divorce settlements! Women get over half the college degrees! Worst of all, we have to open DOORS for them! Freaking DOORS!)

    But, the distinction is fairly trivial.

  48. Man being a MRA is hard work... I give up. It's mangina for me (out of apathy you must understand)

  49. It is surreal watching parts of Prince Wills wedding and reading these comments.

    And Avicenna you could always marry some local woman...I hear they tend to be highly ambitious so you can avoid her doing something like take all your money.


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