Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Strike. Also: kitties.

It’s not hard to find misogyny on manosphere sites. Hell, on some sites, like The Spearhead or MGTOWforums.com, it’s hard to find a discussion that’s not overflowing with misogyny. 

What is hard to find, sometimes, is misogyny that is interesting. As I poked around on the regular sites today the misogyny all blurred together into one giant mass of "I've heard it all before." Here, it's: women are all dirty whores. There, it's: those damn bitches will get their comeuppance when we Go Our Own Way. Yeah, yeah. Tell me something I don't know. 

So I’m going on strike today for better misogyny. 

In the meantime, I present: a cat trying to jump onto a dresser. (In the interest of fairness, I should point out that cats can also do this.)

Maybe I'm just being cranky. There may well be some genuinely interesting misogyny I missed in either or both of the threads I linked to above. If you find some, feel free to post it in the comments.

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  1. Perhaps more importantly, cats can also do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzzjgBAaWZw

  2. I almost want to take a break from misogyny, too, but I just saw this on Tumblr and it's reasonably interesting.

    That Tumblr blog is run by two women, although they appear not to be of the feminist persuasion.

  3. DragonLady...*ROFL* I never get tired of that one!

  4. That was awesome DragonLady, thanks.

    Once upon a time I was a happy bachelor with two awesome cats, Puff (yea, exactly, as in the magic dragon), a soft and gentle orange house cat, and Kidiki (a little bit of a more obscure reference, like Japanese horror movies?), a semi-feral who I adopted and socialized. I met a girl, now my ex-wife, and I happen to know she deliberately put Puff out of the house, I never saw him again. For Kidiki, she was more subtle, but, once the first kid came, she had him out too. I was able to control the situation enough to find him a good home, where I understand he was happy for a year or two before he got out and was never heard from again.

  5. That is a terrible thing to do to a cat. Anyone who does that to my cat gets summarily dumped.

  6. Children make men slaves to a woman in today's society, Elizabeth. They must keep her happy to keep them. A man makes his efforts, sacrifices things that are important to him, but the results are still the same.

  7. You should have dumped her before you had kids.

    Oh and stop blaming women for the fact that you got a bad lawyer.

  8. Maybe you could watch c-span instead. Didn't a congressman recently claim one could get pap smears at walgreens?

    I thought that whytry on the slut thread was almost there with this bit:

    "Is this the greatest achievement of feminism? Women turning into feral creatures, or are women by nature so blinded by their own lust that, eventually, they can't even distinguish an Alpha male from a beta male, and proceed into falling into an orgy of sexual activity with no sight, no restraint?"

    And nightstorm on the comeuppance thread gets some credit for use of the imaginary word "usery" (I would assume that this was a mere misspelling of usury if I were being generous, but that still makes no fucking sense in context either).

    "Left and right, I was denied and only offered fake friendships that involved usery. And if confronted by the fact that usery is wrong, they will make a comeback statement to justify themselves saying "well if your that stupid, you deserve it!"

    Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Thats just now a distance fantasy of mine. "

    (fyi, fake friendship and hating him for being nice apparently means nothing more than not fucking him upon command)

    Maybe I am being unkind, though, and nightstorm's friends are all his bankers and he lives in the middle ages, where some people actually thought usury was wrong.

  9. Elizabeth, I'm quite certain that you know that the quality of the lawyer has nothing to do with the systematic and deliberate removal of millions of men from their children as a matter of social policy. And don't try to put it on women, it is not about women it is about ideology.

  10. And since you got me going:


    I understand that MGTOW are easy pickings. They are self-described as bitter, broken people who don’t want to try to fit in to society anymore. So…why can’t you just let them GTOW? For crissake, they don’t want to bother anybody, they don’t want to engage anybody, the just want to GTOW in peace, maybe vent a little bit on their boards about the reasons why to eachother in what they imagine to be a safe space. Why fuck with them, just let them GTOW which at this point is all that they ask of the world? I guess if you didn’t spend 80% of your recent posts on them then you might have to actually address the genuine grievances of the proper MRMs. To hard. No one http://www.mykeru.com/2011/03/31/vladek-filler-matters/ is making any important posts about justice http://www.the-spearhead.com/2011/04/12/writing-in-tongues/ or honesty. It is much easier to fuck with broken old men. How brave of you to fight them while cowering before Feministe posters who don’t think that you have the right to chose words that only a disturbed person would consider abelist. But, of course, you don’t have the right to make that sort of judgment, because you have a penis.

  11. There just isn't anything new in manosphere land, is there?

    It's all hypergamy, rationalization hamster, red pill, blue pill, sluts screwing 20% of the male population and 80% never get to leave their genetic legacy, false rape, sperm stealing (put tabasco in your soiled condoms!), big daddy gubmint whores, cat herding, cuckholding, women initiating 70-80-90 percent of divorces, more women commiting domestic violence than men do, child support and alimony thieves, thugs and bad boy loving women, bitches watching Sex and the City, reading Eat Pray, Love, eating cupcakes, and oh my god I hate women but why won't they fuck/love/worship me?

    It does get to be one big hangover-like blur. They're gonna have to step it up or I'm leaving. And I mean it!

  12. Katz,

    Keep telling your self that. Then, you won't have to listen when MRMs make an actual point. Convenient. Yes, they are all the same, conflate them all.

    Try these and see if they fit into your paradigm:

    There are a growing number of leftist men who have been fucked over enough to see the light. The MRM has become something very far from the right witn parody as presented on this site.

  13. Nobody's got nothin? Bam. Ok, goinna sleep. Gotta work tommorah so, won't be back for 12 hours or so. Get ur arguments in order, lookin forward to gettin back into it. You still will think that you are all the big fucking victims of society because you have to drive a little futher or pay a bit more for your birth control or abortion or whatever, while we get our fucking children removed from us by armed agents of the state as a matter of deliberate social policy. But you guys are the victims, of course. You depend on it as a matter of ideology so no reality will filter in.

    Good night.

  14. Well, in the Vladek Filler article, it looks as though the author is taking a case of prosecutorial misconduct and conflating it with the Violence Against Women Act. I don't really see how VAWA caused the prosecutor in the Filler case to go off the rails, however, if that's in fact what really happened. The author makes a lot of dubious statements, such as alleging that VAWA presumes that women are always the victims in domestic violence cases (in fact, as the author admits later, it says just the opposite). The author also states that the policy of No Drop Prosecution means that women reporting domestic violence must always be presumed to be telling the truth regardless of the circumstances; somehow I doubt that's required under the law.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I'm inclined to doubt that the author of that post is interpreting the law correctly. Any lawyers want to chime in? DarkSideCat, are you out there?

  15. Victor-yes it does. A good lawyer is able to work out an agreement and show the judge why you should have equal custody with the child(ren).

    You instead view it as "oh everyone is against us poor men. We have no way of gaining access to our children because women are evil. No wait, women are incapable, it is the system."

    If you lost custody completely, there is a lot more you are not telling us.

    Also, I would think you could have figured out she was an unwise choice from the first time she treated your pets badly.

  16. victor-

    I'm not blaming you or anything, but why did you get together and have kids with someone who seems so incompatible with you?

  17. How did we go from Kittehs to the MRA...

    Victor, a lot of men are deadbeats. No. A lot don't deserve to have even a single relationship with any women but are. I come from a family who lost a member due to domestic violence (beaten so badly her kidneys failed. The family only moved after my generation took a stand. I was complicit, if I made my stand earlier he would have been kicked out earlier. It's the honest truth of the situation that silence encourages the action.)

    Your arguments are old hat. And I really don't think you realise that. Women have more freedom, you need to step up "your game". They have higher standards and this often means that they also are allowed to behave like idiot men. Yes sometimes you run across Idiot Women, they are allowed to be that you know.

    And perhaps you should pick people by personality rather than what they look to date. You would be surprised how well that works.

  18. If you and your children are separated by 'armed agents of the state,' it's usually because a judge thought they were in imminent danger... from you.

  19. "Armed agents of the state"

    English translation: restraining order.

    Victor is definitely not telling us everything.

  20. So I’m going on strike today for better misogyny.

    I believe the preferred terminology is "going Galt".

  21. @Captain Bathrobe, the large majority of VAWA provisions regarding federal funding distributions, not actual law enforcement regulations or criminal statutes. The actual criminal provisions carry no presumption of any such thing. http://www.ovw.usdoj.gov/docs/federal_violence.pdf The criminal provisions, as you can see, mostly involve maintaining prohibitions against stalking across state lines and maintaining court orders in regards to protection across jurisdictional lines. The original VAWA act contained civil penalties, but these never went into effect (in what was actually a tenth amendment and commerce clause case, the Supreme Court declared this an overreach of federal power into traditionally state controlled areas-which is why so much of the next draft contained the terms "interstate" in the criminal provisions). Vladek is not talking about a VAWA conviction, period. Also, the case he cites has a prosecutor acting improperly (and a judge as well), winning, and then having the ruling strongly and immediately reversed upon appeal. Going purely by Vladek's story, the entire trial was declared void by the appeals court. That is a pretty heavy ruling and a pretty harsh declaration against the trial level judge and prosecutor (provided the defendent is acquited, the next move, if you were the defendent's attorney, would be to refer him to a plaintiff's lawyer for a civil suit against the jurisdiction). I am still not seeing where VAWA comes in, as this was not a VAWA case...

  22. Oh, I wanted to add that there are certain effective VAWA provisions regarding immigration law and military offenses, but those provisions are restricted to certain narrow issues (immigration covers issues of sponsoring spouses and family members who are abusers for the most part, by allowing an imigrant to petition to not be deported/allowed to maintain residentcy, despite a divorce or the withdrawal of the sponsor).

  23. You know, I'm going to be generous and give Victor some benefit of the doubt. His ex-wife apparently didn't have a problem with throwing his beloved cats out, it might just be that she was malicious enough to frame him for being dangerous when he wasn't.
    In that case, he might have been a victim of a bad lawyer and a lack of understanding about his own rights.

    However, I do agree with many of the others here that her getting rid of the cats was a definite red flag. You might have nothing but the purest love for someone, but if that someone doesn't seem to care when they hurt you and ignores your interests, the best thing to do is get out as soon as you can.

    Reminds me of that one annoying song I keep hearing on the radio, Grenade. Every time I hear it, I'm rolling my eyes so hard they're probably scratching my brain, because one, he's the one that's saying he'd do all this crazy stuff for her, she's not demanding it of him, and two, if she's really the type of person that would watch him BURN TO DEATH and he knows this, somehow I don't think it's her personality he loves.

  24. @ Amnesia

    Yeah, I hate hate HATE that song too. It's like, dude, get the fuck out of that dysfunctional relationship and find someone who appreciates your willingness to commit suicide in a multitude of gory ways. I mean, I don't know what the hell taking a grenade is going to do for your girlfriend, unless you're living in Iraq or Afghanistan, but you should at least get with a woman who'll appreciate it. Fucked up shit like that is why I stopped listening to pop music. A co-worker of mine gave me a mix CD with that song on it and it really ruined the rest of the CD for me.

  25. @SallyStrange

    A Darwin Award story I read: Two guys died jousting on motorcycles over a woman. When the woman heard about it, her response was, "I didn't even like either of them."

    Moral of this story: Jousting on motorcycles does not get you laid. Unless you're pursuing a necrophile. And they think you have an attractive corpse cause hey, even necrophiles might have standards.

    (And for anyone who doesn't know, Darwin Awards are given to people who improve the human race by removing themselves from it.)

  26. Moral of the story: if you're interested in getting laid, concentrate on interacting with THE WOMAN YOU'RE INTERESTED IN, not some other dude. Homosocial interaction really fucks things up for a lot of guys.

  27. Thanks, DarkSide, it's as I suspected. The author is attempting to tar the VAWA with the same brush as the tainted Vladek Filler trial. In fact, VAWA has absolutely nothing to do with the Filler case. Typical MRA logic.

  28. To be fair

    "I'd wear pomade for ya,
    Throw on a new shirt for ya,
    I'd go to the gym for ya,
    You know I'd do almost anything for ya"

    makes for a terrible song.

    It's really like the blues. Singing about a woman that "done brung you low" is pretty much one of the biggest musical memes out there. If we had to sing about realistic relationships then our music would suck.

    People like hearing about songs that turn us into drooling morons mainly because we want to be able to feel like drooling morons around someone else. Oh we are picky and all that but the urge for love is phenomenal in our society. Otherwise we would pick our dates like the lovely people at Bharat Matrimony or Shaadi.com (Indian marriage websites. It's pretty much like a CV rather than a dating website.)

  29. Avicenna:

    How about this:

    "If you want me to
    I could hang 'round with you
    If I only knew
    That's what you're into"

  30. Slightly off topic, but in honor of Scott Adams' brave MRA stances, I offer a link to a New Zealand newspaper that has a feature story on a woman with a broken foot wearing a cast who pulled a man out of his wrecked car.


    Reality has a definite bias against MRA bs (quote remixed from Stephen Colbert's reality has a liberal bias).

  31. For crissake, they don’t want to bother anybody, they don’t want to engage anybody, the just want to GTOW in peace, maybe vent a little bit on their boards about the reasons why to eachother in what they imagine to be a safe space.

    If they want their forums to be a safe space, it's not hard to make it so. They could prevent unregistered members from even *viewing* their forums, and then heavily moderate new registrations, if they wanted to.

    If they're going to take the more common route of openness on the Internet, they're going to have to deal with the fact that not everybody is going to like what they have to say. Plenty of feminist bloggers, including David and people like Amanda Marcotte, deal with a LOT of harassment from opponents. If the people on the MGTOW forums would rather ride the kiddie coaster, they're going to have to take responsibility for their privacy. The Internet doesn't offer privacy by default. That's not what it's for.

  32. Victor,

    I don't know if you are telling the truth. The circumstances here are uncomfortable. But I want to proceed for a while as if you are telling the truth because the potential-you deserves that respect.

    I am so terribly sorry. Abusers are often more charismatic than their victims, and victims are disbelieved. Men are not the primary victims of domestic violence, but male victims exist, and are sometimes disbelieved because people don't understand that men can be abused and women can be abusers. The legal system, like individuals, often favors abusers. Abusers often go after victims pets, particularly to intimidate their victims into staying. You are not a bad person for having stayed. It is not your fault for not knowing how to deal with a system that is often baffling and unfriendly.

    I hope you can get help dealing with your trauma and find paths toward legal redress.

  33. "I'd wear pomade for ya,
    Throw on a new shirt for ya,
    I'd go to the gym for ya,
    You know I'd do almost anything for ya"

    Are you kidding? That sounds awesome--at the very least, listening to it would not cause my to sprain my eye muscles from rolling them so hard.

    Consider for a moment another pop song that's a big hit lately:

    I want your psycho, your vertigo stick.
    Want you in my rear window, baby it's sick.
    I want your love.
    Love, love, love, I want your love.

    Now that's a good pop song. Cheesy as hell, yes, a tad bit silly, certainly very overwrought--but GOOD pop music writing. The problem with "Grenade" is not that it's overwrought or unrealistic or exaggerated--it's that the sentiment at the base of it, if you take away all the poetical flourishes, is deeply, deeply toxic.

  34. @cboye:

    God, I loves me some Flight of the Conchords.

  35. Yeah, um, if anyone did that to one of my cats, I'd be out of there.

  36. It's awesome to know that many of the commenters on this thread are WAY too mentally strong to ever let someone abuse THEM. Jeez, why didn't she just leave after he hit her?

  37. Because by then he has systematically broken her will down and made it impossible to stand up for herself.

    Notice that we are saying "if someone harmed our loved one" not someone harmed us.

    Many people will fail to protect themselves while being willing to go to great lengths to protect the innocent or helpless of those who we love.

  38. So, if he hits you, that's one thing, but if he kicks your cat as part of his manipulative machinations, then come on, why the hell didn't you leave?

  39. Of course misogyny exists in the MR movement just like misandry exist in the feminist movement.

    What I seem to see is that obsessed feminists like David and the regular posters in here seem to call anything "misogyny" when an opinion is unfavourable towards women or feminism.

    In most feminist minds like the obsessed feminists on here, freedom of speech is only acceptable when its in favour of women.

    There isn't allowed to be a challenge or criticism against women or feminism as it's simply misogyny, end of story.

  40. In most feminist minds like the obsessed feminists on here, freedom of speech is only acceptable when its in favour of women.

    This is exactly what Dave was talking about--no originality, just the same tired old shit again and again and again. I mean, jeez Nick, it's like you're just phoning it in! The next time you post, I expect to be amused, not bored. Bring your "A" game for a change.

  41. In most feminist minds like the obsessed feminists on here, freedom of speech is only acceptable when its in favour of women.

    You'd better be careful, Nick. I've got the Thought Police on speed dial, and if I hear ONE MORE comment from you that's not pro-women, your ass is headed to the gulag.

  42. Rachel:

    I fully acknowledge the difficulty of abusive situations, particularly once you're already entangled in them. And I'm not saying any of this is Victor's fault or that, if I were him, I would have done so much better.

    But I am curious about how he ended up married to someone who hated the cats he loved. I know that "do you like animals?" was one of the first questions any potential boyfriend of mine would face.

  43. BTW, since I don't have to give Victor the benefit of the doubt, I won't. We only have his word for it that his wife deliberately expelled the first cat, and he admits that the decision to get rid of the second cat was mutual (though now he blames her for that, too).

    So, while Victor wants you to believe in the evil, cat-hating ex, it is at least as likely that the ex had nothing to do with the first cat's disappearance, and that giving up the second cat was a mutual response to the ex's pregnancy. It's only now that he's a bitter, divorced MRA that Victor has decided that his ex hated the cats and planned from the beginning to get rid of them.

    (And the cat in the video would have made the jump, no problem, if it hadn't been for those stupid magazines on the dresser.)

  44. @Sally

    Maybe we should go into business rewriting songs to be more realistic and positive.

    Except for the blues! You leave that whinging genre alone! I need something to play when I complain about women, work and crippling addictions to drugs. (That's pretty much most of the blues really)

  45. Go play with your kitty cats David, men have no feelings worth consideration.

  46. I don't see a problem with the promenade song. Besides, not all break up songs are unrealistic (people break up and feel miserable about it on a fairly regular basis). Also, there is good happy music that suggests a more healthy (or at least not abundantly creepy and violent) relationship. One example, Spill Canvas' "Our Song" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuID7HgjD_E "Smile" by Uncle Kracker works as well. Michael Franti's "Say Hey". "Falling for the First Time" by Barenaked Ladies. Oh, and let us not forget "Love Shack" sure, it is about an orgy, but a happy orgy.

  47. sure, it is about an orgy

    And this is a problem? :P

  48. Nah, I don't want songs to be more positive or anything. I LIKE songs that are dark, that are about pain or break-ups or being mad at someone, or wanting to kill yourself, or whatever. I mean, I have a bit of a taste for Swedish traditional folk music, which is DARK. I mean, like, "I was mad at my stepmother so I cursed her to be pregnant with my brother for 30 years but when my brother was finally born he turned into a monster and killed me" dark. I also like songs that are happy, about orgies or letting your freak flag fly or being really, really in love.

    I'm just offended by the sheer stupidity of the narrator in the "Grenade" song. It's so over the top that it ceases to be romantic at all. I mean, it is meant to be romantic, right? But it fails at that. And so it doesn't really entertain. BAD pop music, in my book.

  49. men have no feelings worth consideration

    You've internalized a very harmful, but false, message from the dominant culture. This is treatable, but it'll take work. Probably going to a therapist.

  50. @sallystrange, oh, I agree that grenade is one horrible piece of music.

  51. @DarksideCat

    Curse you! Feminists are trying to take my music away!

    That's it! I am going my own way!

    It's a nice song. It's a standard break up song, and in the same genre as Blues (you know... when people sang almost exclusively about women, jobs, the man and drugs).

    It's the stage of just after a break up initiated by someone else. You still love them and want them back. And besides the alternatives sound daft and like something Al Yankowich would produce.

    Mr. Mars has a song called Just the Way you Are, Marry You and a song about hanging out with his friends. It's not as bad as you think. There are plenty of positive songs about relationships too, just this one is about a break up or unrequited love.

    I suppose you could listen to Price Tag by Jessie J if you want something completely different.


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