Friday, March 11, 2011

The disaster in Japan

The images on the news of the devastation in Japan, especially northern Japan, in the wake of the earthquake and the even more damaging tsunami are almost surreal. I hope all the readers of this blog in Japan and the Philippines (where the destruction has been much less severe than expected, thankfully) are ok. I checked on NiceGuy's MGTOW forum and Yohan, who lives in Tokyo but who is currently out of the country, is fine, as is his family; obviously Yohan and I disagree about almost everything, and then some, but I am glad to hear he is ok.

If anyone has the resources to help, I would recommend a donation to the Red Cross, which has the infrastructure and experience to offer substantial immediate and longer-term relief. I'd also suggest that you NOT earmark your donation for the earthquake and tsunami but instead let the Red Cross use your money wherever the need is greatest.


  1. I, too, am glad to hear that Yohan is OK, as I wish him no ill even though I, too, disagree with him on nearly everything.

    I lived in southwestern Japan, near Kobe, about 15 years ago. They had their devastating quake there shortly after I left, and it wasn't nearly as big as this one. Maybe I'll try to make contact with some of the people I knew then, though I haven't heard that part of the country had as much trouble this time around.

    Thanks for blogging this.

  2. No matter the disagreements, I wish none harm. The Good Main has some linkage up, too, on ways to help:

  3. Checking in... we're fine, but the power here will likely go out, and I don't have connection to the net sometimes, off and on. I hope yohan is ok.

    I absolutely love this blog and never miss it, I'm sure you can see by your stats. I cannot comment openly, and might have to create some accounts to do so. But I will :) Fantastic posts lately. Thanks David.

  4. I left Japan a few months ago. When I heard about this I couldn't help but think that I had left just in time. Everyone told me to stay through the end of the contract (contracts finish April 1) and my mom told me just to hold out one more year to save more money, but ...

    Yeah, I'm glad I left.

    Still, we had tsunami trouble here too. Not a lot, from what I saw. Fortunately, I don't live near the coast.

    Everyone I know back in Japan seems to be okay. I just hope that all this motion doesn't set off the Tokai Earthquake or something worse.

  5. I am surprised that the feminists aren't blaming this on men, patriarchy and misogyny.

  6. I am surprised that the feminists aren't blaming this on men, patriarchy and misogyny.

    Yes, where's Hojatoleslam Kaze Sedighi when you need her? Oh wait..... Sedighi's a man....

  7. Seriously, though, I am also glad to hear that Yohan & his family and boobootoob are safe!

  8. I'm also very glad to hear that yohan is okay (even though I also disagree with him) Yohan if you are able to read this right now I hope those that you are close to are doing okay.

    nick, why can't you let it go for one day and wish someone who openly agrees with you safety?

  9. I too hope for the safety of all in Japan.


    Yes I do! Seriously!

    Especially when it's really Japan that has been leading the way in MGTOW.

  10. I am surprised that the feminists aren't blaming this on men, patriarchy and misogyny.

    David's trying to lead the way here in not politicizing this disaster. Let's just follow suit, k?

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  12. It doesn't matter whether you're feminist, MRA, or somewhere in-between, we're all human beings with vulnerabilities as far as natural disasters are concerned.

    nicko, evilwhitemale, as obnoxious and self-serving as those comments were, if either of you came to me dying of thirst, I would still give you a glass of water. Maybe even a water bottle, so you could fill up at the next water source you came across. I'm feminist, not heartless. Big difference.

  13. "I am surprised that the feminists aren't blaming this on men, patriarchy and misogyny."

    Nick, not the time or place for that. Show a little respect for those affected by not making this into something it isn't.

  14. Thank you, Kratch.

  15. thank you kratch for speaking up! David, have we heard anything else from yohan to make sure that he and his family are okay?


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