Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flash Mob

How to get downvoted on 2XC. 
By now I assume you all have heard about the "I see his penis out" incident involving a flasher on a New York subway and a woman who turned out to not be a big fan of his flashing. Some in the Man Boobz demographic may have heard about it on Jezebel or Hollaback! Others in this blog's deeply divided demo may have seen it, I'm guessing, while idly perusing the DickFlash.com forums for helpful tips.

In any case, it's inspired a lot of discussion online, including this blog post, written by a woman who was decidedly not supportive of the dude with the dick out. This seemingly uncontroversial anti-flashing stance was not appreciated by one visitor to the TwoXChromosomes subreddit on Reddit, who contributed the sarcasm-laden doozy of a comment screencapped above. Apparently, complaining about penis-flashing is "misandry."

An insane accusation of misandry? Someone's been reading MRA message boards!


  1. I think that this feminist campaign is rather harsh on the mentally ill (male flashers are generally often mentally ill, homeless people) to be a little distasteful at times.

    I think the misandy lies in where they fail to make the distinction between the mentally ill and healthy men/patriarchy and the lack of regard for these people that are clearly mentally ill and often homeless but aren't really helped.

    The poster is correct about the public nudity double standard, its a shame he brought it up in that context though.

  2. Nearly who commits a crime is mentally ill to some degree, be the person a sociopath or a schizophrenic. But that does not necessarily excuse the behavior, and that does not mean society should accept the behavior.

  3. Well, some maintain that mental illness excuses female child killers.

    Anyway never did I suggest that mental illness excused the behavior. I said its the likely reason behind the behaviour and that feminist groups have been very insensitive about that.

  4. I said it does not necessarily excuse the behavior. There is such a thing as not guilty by reason of insanity, but you have to show you are so insane you do not know right from one. Sexual offenders, on the other hand, are often aroused because they know what they are doing is wrong.

    If it's not an excuse for the behavior, then what "sensitivity" are you looking for?

  5. There is such a thing by not guilty by reason of insanity and there is also ppd and pmt defense which are not defense by reason of insanity. We excuse depressed women that kill their babies.

    Also, having sensitivity and excusing behaviour are not mutually exclusive. Its possible to be sensitive to the mentally ill while not excusing their behaviour.

    I believe that the two tiered feminist system is wrong, the correctness of an act shouldn't depend on the sex of the person that carried it out or sex of the person that is victimised by it.

  6. Eoghan, are you honestly excusing this guy??? WTF? This guy took out his cock b/c he's a flasher, part of the spectrum of sexual offenders. As Sandy points out, his gratification came from the fact he understood what he was doing was a VIOLATION.

    Comparing it with post partum depression and PMS is just plain ignorant. I suggest you learn something about mental health before opening your mouth again.

    "I believe that the two tiered [patriarchial] system is wrong, the correctness of an act shouldn't depend on the sex of the person that carried it out or sex of the person that is victimised by it."

  7. @Sandy--
    you said:
    "Sexual offenders, on the other hand, are often aroused because they know what they are doing is wrong"

    Right, but the psychopathology of it IS the urge/compulsion to exert that power over another, to force them to be confronted by the presence of whatever body part you're flashing.

    Tec, you basically said the same thing as Sandy, and as Eoghan. You guys seem to all be in agreement that the behavior is not excuseable, but are disagreeing about the views society has on these types of crimes.

    Sandy and Tec, you seem to both be saying that flashing is not comparable with ppd etc as Eoghan asserts. Why not? Does one seem more sympathetic than the other? Personally, I see a person losing control and killing a child far more indicative of mental illness than flashing, flashing seems like just some fucking guy with entitlement issues right?

    But wait.....both are in the DSM-IV-R as disorders. Both are considered mental conditions, and neither are victimless. You'd have to be batshit crazy to kill a child wouldn't you? I think yes...although professionally, I can see the underlying pathology and can find it within myself to sympathize with these women and have to actively fight the urge to try and explain away their crime.

    Flashers OTOH are viewed as dirty crazy disgusting men who are losers and cant get a date or handle a "real woman" so they have to get their thrills by forcing themselves on innocent women. No sympathy there, just a creepy feeling.

    It's all socialized really. You can't weigh them up and tyr to judge which one is worse imo, but both people here are mentally ill.

  8. Well, people who do fucked up things tend to be pretty fucked up themselves. That may help to explain why they do what they do, but unless they're delusional or simply incapable of telling right from wrong, it doesn't excuse it.

    As has been pointed out, the thrill flashers get from what they do is in part BECAUSE they know it's wrong.

    As for women killing their kids, PPD isn't the issue:

    "Actually, when a woman commits infanticide it's almost never due to postpartum depression. It's more likely to be due to postpartum psychosis, which is a different than PPD and an EXTREMELY rare illness. AND, only a minute percentage of women with postpartum psychosis ever commit or attempt to commit such a crime."


    Andrea Yates, for example, suffered from postpartum psychosis, not PPD.


    She was clearly delusional when she killed her kids.

    In any case, that's a COMPLETELY different level of mental illness than some guy getting his thrills rubbing his dick on women in trains.

  9. Natasha, if a woman kills her children because she is depressed, she will be charged with murder. She has to be so crazy she does not know right from wrong to be not guilty by reason of insanity.

    Bot the flasher and the depressed murder's crimes are not excusable due to insanity. We can acknowledge that they are sick, most people who choose to engage in antisocial have some sort of mental problem. But that does not mean we should not punish and react harshly to their behavior.

  10. Eoghan, there's no "two tiered feminist" system. No one is saying women should be allowed to rub their labia on random people in the subway.

    There is no "depression" defense to murder, you have to plead psychosis, and you have to show you are so psychotic you do not know right from wrong.

    Parents who kill their children receive lesser sentences in general (fathers and mothers). Children who kill their parents receive longer sentences. This is due to multipile factors but mainly: 1. The biological instinct to care for children is so strong that most people have to be psyhcotic to kill their children and 2. Jurors are sympathetic to parents (they are adults and often parents) and beleive no one would kill their children unless he or she was psychotic.

  11. It is not true that people with mental illness commit most crimes. What a load of crap. Most killers, rapists, and harassers are both clinically and legally sane. Most mentally ill people never commit acts of violence and mental illness is not a good predictor of violent behavior. What you all are doing here is stigmatizing the mentally ill and it isn't cool. These kinds of stereotypes prevent mentally ill people from participating in society and having happy lives. Cut it the fuck out.

    Here's some sample sources, in case you need support for my statements:





  12. I am not a psychiatrist.

    If such a person is responsible for what he or she did or not, is a medical question, a result of a psychiatric evaluation. Case by case.

    Something must be wrong with them, that's not normal behavior, and they need not only jail to keep them away from ordinary people but also medical assistance.

    This has nothing to do with the Men's Rights Movement.

  13. Most mentally ill people never commit acts of violence, but it is not true that most criminals are completely sane. Most criminals are "legally sane" because the standard of legal insanity is a person who is so insane he does not know right from wrong. But the very act of committing antisocial behavior suggests a mental health problem. If you are choosing to engage in antisocial behavior, you are not mentally healthy.


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